Or do you even watch TV at all?
I'm a big PBS fan, we don't have cable because we don't want the kids glued to it all day - instead, they're glued to the computers.
Other than that, I've lost touch ...
I do rent DVD's of Cable TV series; my fav's were Carnivale, 6 Ft. Under and of course the Sopranos, but I haven't started anything up lately. I'll see what, if anything everyone else is watching and pick something up from there.

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The best show right imo...Mad Men!! Just love it for what it teaches us about how much we have changed in the last 40 years...and how much of what we believe, is because it is what is marketed to us.
I haven't had time to watch tv since about 2003. Too many other things to do. Two little kids, extra work, Internet, and catching up on interesting books. We get Netflix and every month or so actually manage to watch a movie. We just saw No Country for Old Men. The last tv I watched was Christiane Amanpour's documentary on extremists in the three major abrahamic religions. My little girls like to watch kids' videos, some in English, some in Finnish. Sometimes I watch along on the Finnish ones to improve my comprehension. I took a workshop from a child psychologist who was of the opinion that the rate of changing images in current kids' tv shows (and adult ones, if I remember correctly) has accelerated greatly and might account for shortening attention spans.
We had cable, switched to dish and loved it, then switched to AT&T U-verse and love it more. Most shows we like are recorded and watched when time permits, due to our busy schedules.
We follow: Dr. Who, Torchwood, NCIS, Bones, Mentalist, Medium, House.
If we find ourselves with a little time to watch TV, but not in mood for our regulars, we tend to watch HGTV, Discovery, A & E, History, Sci-Fi, .etc.
Absolutely love TCM. Can't get enough of the old movies.
Newer movies are sporadically caught via NetFlix, and on rare occassions, movie theatres. Not by choice, but dictated by schedules. Most time is spent involved in community Theatre (participating, as well as watching).
We are big Star Trek fans, and just saw the new one. Loved it.
Diversified listings, eh?
We do have a TV: hooked up the digital converter box and antennae... no cable or dish so viewing is limited.
When my daughter lived with us and we had the dish network, I found LinkTV to be my favorite. They have Democracy Now and world music, news and documentaries from around the globe.
I can find most on the net now. I like The Daily Show and Bill Mahr when I have time, and Rachel Maddow, too. But I find myself going back again and again to Online Documentaries 4 U. Wonderful stuff!
As far as network TV, my favorite is Criminal Minds.
and of course, PBS. History Detectives is a lot of fun, and there was Find!, and there is so much more wonderful programming on PBS.
Usually I listen to the public radio stations. If I want good commercial free diversified music, I listen to an adult alternative station 91.3 The Summit, which is also member funded.
Discovery, History, PBS, Keith, Rachel, Stewart & Colbert (+ sports, of course :-) I haven't watched big four network programming since the dawn of cable, and from promos I'm forced to endure on cable channels, seems like it's all gratuitous sex and violence, dumbed down to reach the "god and guns" crowd.
I think that is better to have a variety of entertainment choices. It keeps the older mind young and agile.
We're going to be cutting off cable soon as a cost-cutting measure. We can afford it, but if the economy continues to suck, we'd like to have a wee bit more money saved, just in case.

Until then, I watch all the documentary-type shows on PBS: Frontline, Wide Angle, POV, etc... Plus Nova Science Now, Nova, Scientific American with Allan Alda, The Nazi Channel when they aren't covering WWII, Jeopardy, Robot Chicken, The Boondocks, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Mythbusters, History Detectives, Being Human, Ugly Betty, and Nature. The "We Shall Remain" series on PBS was powerful.

I don't watch all of these every week. Some nights when I can't sleep I watch most everything on Adult Swim.
Couldn't live without the history channels, science channels, discovery channels, and biography channels.
I love all the science and animal shows but I also like the ghosts, monsters, UFOs, spiritual and religious programs.



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