I was just wondering - did any of ya'll have atheist parents? My dad (who says he's agnostic - trying to get him to join the site - can't pull him away from the bridge sites, though) went to church (methodist) every Sunday just so he could sing really loudly. I remember being forced into Sunday school classes only a couple of times. I was not happy about it only because I had to wear a dress, but the stories I learned there were really much like Dr. Seuss stories in a way (without the entertainment value). When I asked her why we stopped going, my mama said that it was because SHE didn't want to go anymore. There's more to this story, but I'll wait a bit and see if anyone even cares about this topic.

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My parents were both raised Church of England but became Atheists in their early adulthood (before they met) so I was raised completely without religion since birth and of course I'm raising my children the same way.
My parents were religious (Methodists), but pretty liberal. My Mom said that it was important to have faith. So, she thought that atheists and agnostics were worst. Fundamentalists were not much better. She angrily defended evolution; angrily replied to some of the things my 8th grade Sunday School teacher "shared"; she was sure she didn't want to go to heaven if there were no butterflies; and she argued with Aunt Betty about the 2nd Coming (No Golden Trumpets; Jesus could be walking down the street right now). My Dad was a little more conservative, I think, but kept quiet about it. My Mom did not allow foul language though. She even chewed Dad out about that (my Dad was career Army, he probably had a hard time keeping his language clean). They were both active in the church, we went every week unless we were out of town, they both served on the church committee.




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