I'm not big on rules and regulations. I suppose that I should expect that we all follow the basics that are stated in the homepage for the website and other than that, it's all good faith ... right?

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I can't turn off the music player without losing this page. I tried turning off the sound... that flipped me into an error page. I tried pausing it.. that flipped me into another error page. I'm using Chrome as a browser.

Any suggestions?
I have a similar problem except my browser crashes every single time. So much so that I can only get into this group via the latest activity list. I've tweaked my settings and changed my browser from firefox to google chrome and it still happens.
I'll have to go read the basics stated on the homepage again... be right back.
As for ad hominem arguments, they show a level of immaturity that's inconsistent with our stated age group. As for curse words--our generation grew up using them, didn't we? Sometimes they're appropriate for emphasis, and sometimes they punctuate humor.

In California there was this gaudy hotel called the Madonna Inn (not a religious site; it was built and originally owned by a Portuguese man named Joseph Madonna) that was a tribute to kitsch. It was large, bright pink and could be seen from the freeway. The decorations are generally indescribably cutesy. In the lobby's men's room, the urinal was a rock wall that had a waterfall running down it as you approached. The wallpaper was a jungle scene in green, silver and bright fluorescent fuschia that had monkeys peering out at you from behind the leaves. Someone at one point had handwritten some graffiti of two of the monkeys talking:

Monkey 1: Gosh, Joe, have you ever seen such meretricious opulence?

Monkey 2: Fuck no.

It doesn't work without the cursing. Everything has its place. Just use it judiciously.
...there shouldn´t be allowed to "call names", but as I´ve seen till yet, that wouldn´t be a problem in here...



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