The "Prayer" discussion started by Vitomama made me think of this. What do you say when someone sneezes?

I have always said, "bless you" because it is polite, but I feel slightly odd saying it. Recently I started saying, "gesundheit" which is really just wishing someone good health, but I feel odd saying this, too as I am not German. I believe both became a custom during the 14th century because one of the symptoms of the bubonic plague was sneezing, so they are probably a little out of date, but I feel it is rude if I don't say anything.

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Before I fully realized I was an Atheist, I fell into the "Bless you" response without thinking about it. For some time now I have been saying "Gesundheit", even though many around me may be saying 'bless you'/'god bless you'. I'm of Austrian descent, so I figure I've got a right to use 'gesundheit'.
Some at work, who know I'm an Atheist, will exaggerate (ie: "GOD...bless you") which I will throw back some smart ass remark (ie: "Too late. The Tooth Fairy covered it.").
I find it easier to say salud which means the same thing as gesundheit.
I say nothing. I always say excuse me when I sneeze, as I would if I coughed, or let out some gas. I believe in being polite. Generally it is the person's, who made the bodily noise, job to be polite and excuse themselves, not the other way around. When someone says "bless you" to me, I say thank you. Unless you are prepared to start a heated debate, why be rude? If you look up the origin of saying "bless you", you will be quite surprised at it's superstitious beginnings.



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