If this becomes too annoying, I'll take it out: I'm trying to put a box in that everyone can get into but I have to get an email address for it.
Just add your requests and I'll add them if they are available!

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"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow... Yesterday's gone." (Can't recall the artists - I hope you can.) It seems like an appropriate attitude for all us "oldies" to keep in mind and it's a perfect theme for the purpose of advancing our common cause - the growth of reason.

In any case.... it's an upbeat tune and I'd enjoy hearing it.
(I just wish my darn hearing was better so I could. LOL)
Will do!
Fleetwood Mac, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. Excellent tune!
You betcha... The Stones are for sure. I agree.
"Rip This Joint" and "Sweet Virginia" from Exile On Mainstreet. Gotta have it.
My tastes are probably way too moderate. I'm a Broadway album freak, particularly stuff by Stephen Sondheim. But I enjoy 60s/70s rock, too.
Aloha Cowpunk, you got a really great selection of music, it’s fun to stop by just to listen to it. I’m not sure if my taste in music is too popish, but here are some songs that I think are really cool.

A Girl Like You – The Young Rascals
The Rain, The Park & Other Things – The Cowsills
Suavecito – Malo
For No One – The Beatles
Mais Que Nada – Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66

Just one more request, if it is not to much trouble, could the music get shuffled around, it always plays in the same order every time I stop by. Mahalo for setting this page up, very cool…
Thank goodness - some variety.
Sorry to be such a whitey, but I feel like we need a lot more R&B, Soul, Blues, and Motown but I'm just too isolated to find the good stuff.
Oh, and I've tried to activate the shuffling thingy and it won't work for me. I'll figger it out though ...
I really like the band "Muse" They are a British rock group. Here is the link to their page, if anyone wants to check it out. http://www.museband.net/

It is funny because my son who is 21 yrs. old turned me onto this group. Listen to the song, "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist"
The title is Seventh Son. It was done originally by either Muddy Waters or Bo Diddley.




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