Actually, my husband is the wine lover in this house, as well as all of our best friends. I'm just the designated driver when we go wine tasting.
So who-all loves it, and what do you drink?

I can't believe that I posted "oenopheliacs" instead of "oenophiles!"
Thank you for your forgiving kindness, the error has been corrected.

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Love it, love it, love it! And it's great to have such wonderful Aussie and New Zealand wines at relatively cheap prices to choose from here.

My current favourite is Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. A little pricier than average quaffing wines at $20 a bottle - but just delightful.

As far as Australian wines go, you can't go past anything from Brown Brothers - I particularly love "Everton" a blend of cabernet sauvignon and shiraz.

And a cheap wine that I'm very partial to is Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio.

It would be nice to try some American wines, but unfortunately they don't seem to be widely available here.
I do enjoy a dry red, but here in Oklahoma, one can't purchase wine anywhere except a liquor store (unless you consider Boone's Farm a wine...), so because children can't cross that threshold, we've not partaken much here. I'm actually far more fond of beer. I love a nice Guinness (or two or three or so). In fact, of the 3 drinks I had during pregnancy, the first was a glass of red wine - then my obstetrician (knowing my penchant for dark beer) told me that Guinness would be better - less alcohol/more minerals.

Anyway, sorry - once I start talking about beers...
Another port fan here. No cigar though. I do enjoy wine also. Mostly sweet white wines though.
Don't be hatin' me, but I've never had any wine that I've truly liked. Some wines and beers are more palatable to me than other kinds, but I've never have much fondness for any form of alcohol or for its effect on me. I'll drink occasionally at social gatherings, and I'll buy the obligatory six-pack of beer or bottle of wine for parties I'm invited to, but I do it without true enthusiasm. Oh well. I guess I'm weird in many ways, besides the whole atheist thing.
I never got it either: I've sampled some fine, fine wines here in CA, but to me they all taste like someone dumped a shovel full of oak leaves and twigs into a bucket of rotten grapes and stomped on it all with a big, smelly foot ...
This is Dianna's husband. I am counseling her right now on the joy and benefits of good wine. She does enjoy Muscat Alexandria (which she says is kool-aid for adults) and champagne, so she is coming around.
I've always thought the best things in life are the things that require an 'acquired taste' - the things that you have to work to like. I don't think most people like dry wines straight off. You really just have to persist until you acquire a palate for them. The same thing with foods like smelly blue cheese, and oysters and mussels. They're not usually the kind of thing you like on first tasting - you just have to accept that you're going to love them when you get used to them. And it's not just food and wine. I hated classical music when I was a teen, but decided I would learn to love it, so I played Mozart day and night until one day I want, "Oh yeah! Now I get it!"
He's been trying to get me to like reds for 15 years. Not much luck; I like merlots, barbaras and other mellow wines.
I still prefer cocktails ...
Amen. Er... I mean, cocktails rule! I've never understood the wine thing, either. I can drink really sweet white wine and champagne, but much prefer a good Long Island Iced Tea.
"They're not usually the kind of thing you like on first tasting - you just have to accept that you're going to love them when you get used to them."

You mean like sex with your parents? ;-)
So, what is going to happen to the wine market now that, worldwide, the economy is collapsing?
I'll do my bit to keep it buoyant! ;-)




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