Ahh, the aging process: It hits you in ways and places that you never dream of in your invincible youth ...
I can't wear flip-flops anymore because I get this callous around the edge of my heel - I'm sure y'all know what I'm talking about - and it makes my heels look old. So now I have to wear shoes/sandals with a shaped sole and CRAP! those things look oooollllld! And they cost an arm and a leg! I used to just buy five different pairs of thongs here and there and wear them out over the summer, pitch them in the fall and buy another set next year.
So I guess the Birkies look the best right now, I tried on a pair over there a Famous Footwear so that I can be sure of my size and then I guess I'll surf the 'net ...
Does anyone else wear Birkies; and, where do you get them?

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I used to wear birks when I was younger, wore one pair nearly to tatters if you can imagine that. But since I had my kids I've found they just don't have enough cushioning for my feet or support for my high-ish arches. Instead I've been wearing $45(!) flip flops from Montrail that are awesome and crocs flips around the house.
Actually, I looked them up online and there are some really cute styles out there - now I'll have to check out Montrail ...
I wore Birkenstocks in my twenties. I don't mind that I can't wear them now, as my new orthotic has really helped. Evidently I've been pronating and supinating all my life, and wearing the wrong size shoes. My back, feet, and hip joints are feeling so much better.
Ahhh birkenstocks, we (my girlfriends and I in our college days) called them Birthcontrol... Now I just call them comfy. :) I bought a couple pair in Seattle (when I still lived there), but now that I am in Indiana I order things on-line. Try www.birkenstockusa.com
I'll ask my wife where she gets hers. Me I went barefoot in the summer then one year my mother had all kinds of problems. It was the year from the place the Christians keep telling me I am going to. The doctor called it growing pains. I went from a size 7 at the end of the my sophmore year to a size 10 at the beginning of my junior year that explained why my toes were always sore and bleeding. I also went from 5'-7 to 6' but I only weighed 120 and I hurt all over for the entire summer and into the beginning of the school year. That was a long time ago. Why do I remember all of this stuff just from talking about footwear but I can't remember where I put the new hard drive I bought last week.

Now I have to wear quality comfortable shoes which I buy three pairs at a time online, Rockports and I buy new socks every 6 months and toss out the old ones. I had an operation on my back in '97 and most of my left leg and half my foot is numb and my left foot gets real uncomfortable if the shoes and socks are not smooth and tight.
I have yet to give into Birkies. I wear hiking boots at work and a pair of pointy toed cowboy boots when I go out. Over the years I have found hiking boots to be the most comfortable if I'm going to be on my feet all day.
Matthew, I agree with you about the hiking boots. I would wear mine all the time... until I found The Tactical Boot wore by SWAT, EMTs, and other officers on their feet in vairied conditions. These boots are comfortable, lightweight and water resistant, they even wick perspiration away from your feet. Now I rotate between my hiking boot and Tactical boot. When I go to the mall and out with my wife I were my Rockports, now there's comfort for you. My wife has a pair of Birkenstocks but she got them so long ago she can't remember where she got them and she only wears them in the garden now.
I've reached that conclusion, too. Also, they make you run like a girl, and gravel always gets into the foot bed and then you can't kick it out again. I'm finding other brands that are easier to wear and hike in, too. No ugly callous this year, though ...

Sanuks.  I love them and they are the only shoe I wear now except when hiking or if the snow gets too slushy.  I'm on my 3rd or 4th pair.  My feet are much happier without a raised heel.  My toes have lots of room to wiggle.  They are awesome.  And a lot of the youger college hippies wear them so I can claim to still be somewhat in style.  They run you about $60 a pair.




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