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Wake up, commute, work, commute, eat, middle school football practice, sleep, repeat...endlessly :-)
Poor Xander is having a rough time at practice; it's been really hot these last few days, over 100 deg's and he just doesn't handle the heat very well, he was in tears yesterday, and today is even hotter.
Just make sure he is well hydrated - don't use water, use a sports that will help replace lost electrolytes. And tell him to hang in there...it will get better! The first week of Robbie's practices were all over 100 degrees with 70% relative humidity - brutal. His team practices 2.5 hours 5 days a week and they run 1000 yards at the end of practice everyday and it has been hard on Robbie - he is so big and manages every year to get out of playing shape during the summer (I think it is the PS3!). I posted some new football pictures today - show them to Xander here

You need to post a few game pics sometime!

Here is a pic from the last game...

Starting the kid in pre-k, dealing with the first special germ he brought home from pre-k, pulling together presentations for the art history class I teach, teaching the art history class I teach, wondering what I'm gonna get my man for our wedding anniversary this Thursday (because the thing I ordered is not gonna get here on time), and worrying about my home and people (New Orleans) concerning the storm Gustav. Oh, yeah, and getting ready to go to Fantasy Football Draft night tonight (by far, the least stressful thing in my life - at least until the football season starts...). It's good to be back - even if just for a few minutes.
How's preschool over there in Jebus land? Or can you get him in somewhere to your liking?
Cool - art history! Cave paintings are another reason that I'm atheist; I wonder how you present this to your class?
Funny you should ask! We just covered cave paintings last Tuesday night. I'm so tired of scholars always having to place some profound meaning onto every work of art. I believe that someone discovered that the natural pigments could be smeared or blown onto cave walls and that it was a blast. That these paintings are so deep in the caves ("Sacred", say the scholars) just indicates that artists were relegated to the sidelines even in 30,000 b.c.e.! They really are quite beautiful, aren't they? I wish I had made them...
As for preschool here in Jebus land, we have him in a public school, which happens to be extremely racially diverse. Guess we just got lucky. Vito always jokes that he wants to go to the Evangelistic Temple school (right down the street from us). We laugh about it every day on our way home from school.
I wonder how you handle a 12-step as an atheist ... as I already said, it's sooooo hot here in Wilton, we have to water every day, but at least it's a dry heat (lol - is it getting dorky to say lol yet?).
Working 60 hours a week and trying to pre-read material before classes start in a week. Trying to deal with a family medical emergency and get to a niece's wedding next Thursday. The office is moving at the same time. My dog got skunked and the house still smells. Not enough time to do the shopping and so there is no cat food and they are mad at me (3 cats mad at you at once is nasty stuff). A couple of people at my office are sulking; one is a total incompetent and the boss won't fire her, just expects us to do her work for her; and I think I need to start looking for a new job because I woke up dreaming about it. Bleh. Stars! I am glad this is a long weekend - even if I do have to work on Sunday.
Sounds like you need a break!
Hope the medical stuff is working it's way through;
best wishes,
Getting the kiddo ready for kindergarten. Trying to work out and pay more attention to my diet. Seems like it shouldn't take so much time but it does. My hubby's schedule at the hospital is crazy as always but as it happens he has the next 5 days off. Yay, he'll actually get to see Ethan's classroom with me.
Hope your boy's having fun in KG. And I remember that after my last one got to be about 2 y.o. is when I started getting my body back because it got easier to keep him in kidcare while I worked out. It takes time, but it's worth it!




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