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Ahh! Mission accomplished!
Today was Daniel's 47th B-day: I bought him some "wrought iron" patio furniture - we'll see how long it lasts. I sweated like a pony out there bolting the table together. The temp got up to 104 deg's and I was just dripping ... Then I surprised him with a bottle of wine and a pizza out on the porch as our delta breeze pushed out the hot air and the sun lingered behind the trees.
We should have gotten this furniture a lot sooner.
I just got a job last week after being unemployed for about a year and a half.
I am working as a key operator at a l law school in San Francisco. It's pretty mindless. I mostly just throw paper in copiers.
Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new position.
Congrats! I know the economy is tight lately so it's good to find work ...
Working, worrying, dealing with depression... actually NOT dealing with depression... actually not particularly working either - sitting in front of computer clicking things isn't quite the same as working even though it sounds and looks the same.

I really deserve to be fired - but then I'd have to fire myself and then sue my own ass for unfair dismissal - it could get nasty!

I bet you're sorry you asked now?
UUUGH - I broke the mower yesterday. It was a great morning for mowing, cool with a nice breeze, so I fired up the mower and took it over to this patch of grass that Daniel just can't get around to mowing.
Well, I guess that patch of grass was a little denser than I thought it was, or ever could be. I made it about six feet into this jungle and the mower stopped cold. After two more attempts to penetrate this evil knot of vegetation, the damn thing quit again and a plume of smoke rose from the blade housing, right next to my feet.
I couldn't even push the mower back out of the "Johnson grass jungle" so there it sits. Daniel didn't see it last night because he got home after dark, so he had to have seen it when he left this morning. At least he was cool enough to let me sleep.
There's a reason that stuff is called JOHNSON grass, isn't there?
This works for me. You might try it after you get your mower fixed. Press down on the back of the mower so it only partially cuts (the front will be up in the air) and then go over it again while the mower is flat on the ground. It takes twice as long, but it keeps the mower from breaking and/or turning off. Of course, this only works for a push mower. If you actually ride one...I wouldn't suggest "pulling wheelies" like the motorcyclists do.
I hate sports! My son plays football, and his coach is a total prick ...
Well, one of my girl friends just had a major operation and I frequently keep her company when my family duties aren't keeping me away. She is doing well, but it is going slow. Rest of my family went to see the inlaws in S.C. for Thanksgiving. It is just me and the cat except every other day I sleep over a friend's house. The weather has been really good for softball over the holidays. On Friday and Saturday we had great games. My bowling though is suffering from my weight lifting. It screws up muscle memory. My daughter will be dropped off at college and the rest of the family will arrive sometime this evening. The quiet house will once again become noisey. I'll get to watch the Giants kick the Redskins asses today at one. I won't watch the whole game though because I can't stand to see our local team get beat. I pay attention to sports, but I'm not much of a fan. I would rather play then watch. Can't today because it is raining outside. Darn.
My activity is all writing-related (since I'm a writer). I just had a book published, a religious satire called Polly! I'm hoping there'll be reviews of it soon in the Nexus Book Club group. I also just had a satirical article accepted for the April issue of American Atheist magazine explaining why all baseball games are rigged (if you accept the logic of the "Intelligent Design" people). I'm also doing an occasional blog. In general, I enjoy making fun of the religious types--but if they don't deserve it, who does?
Just bumpin' ...



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