As I near 50 (OMG!) I'm finding things are easier to forget and harder to remember.

Is this a natural part of my brain age or can I help prevent it.

Since we are the sum of our memories, I'm scared to death of losing mine (and for once on this site, I'm deadly serious!)

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So that's where I left them...
My mind functions much better in a neat and organized environment. When I am surrounded by clutter my mind is more distracted and I tend to misplace things. I also get lethargic and depressed. Or maybe I am just making up these excuses to avoid admitting it has something do to with age.
Elynn, are you volunteering to clean up and organize my cluttered space?
That would be more fun than my current job, but volunteer work doesn't pay my bills.
Well, today I went to the grocery store and requested $100 extra in cash, paid w/my debit card, then forgot to get it from the cashier. I realized this about five mins after I left and made a U-turn straight back to the store. When I went showed my receipt to the manager, they checked the register and found that it was actually short. Of course the accountant doesn't come in until Monday. So I think I might be out $100.
Sounds to me like a cashier has an extra $100
Cowpunk62, I frequently get cash back when I use my Discover Card at Safeway to buy groceries (there's no extra fee to get up to $50 in cash), but Safeway has a policy that the cashiers should initial the receipt and give the signed receipt back to you when they give out cash. I assume that if the cashier didn't initial the receipt and forgot to give me the cash (which I think has happened to me sometimes), then Safeway would know the cash hadn't been given to me.

I have had to remind quite a few cashiers to give me cash back, but they always remembered to sign the receipt when they did so. One even argued with me about whether I should get any cash back, and then he initially gave back only $40, not $50. Even he remembered to sign the receipt. (I reported him to the manager because of his multiple attempts to keep my money.)

I would suggest not putting your card away until you've received the receipt and have looked at it. Always check the receipt and use it to remind yourself about the cash you're owed. Even if they're ethical, these cashiers really are likely to overlook that any cash back is due you.
That is a good idea to keep the card in my hand until I have the cash. I'll try to remember that - lol!
...sounds to me like someone will prefer to shop somewhere else...and maybe has waaayy to much money - I guess, I wouldn´t forget a 100-Euro-bill...
That's just how forgetful I'm getting!
Oh and I think they know how much money they make off of me because I am a very regular shopper and should give me the benefit of the doubt.
Also the checker was in our age group as well so perhaps he was having a forgetful moment. He checks my stuff all the time and I really feel bad for him.
I was always forgetful but more so a couple of years ago. I still have trouble remembering words (especially names of things) but I think it is due to one of my medicines. As far as forgetting where I was going, etc. I did that when I was in my teens. I started using a PDA, etc. because I was forgetting that kind of stuff and it helps.

For the big stuff, I read, watch science shows, and do logic puzzles to help keep my brain in shape. It helps.
I'm under a great deal of stress right now. Medical level stress - so I guess that's not helping.




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