As I near 50 (OMG!) I'm finding things are easier to forget and harder to remember.

Is this a natural part of my brain age or can I help prevent it.

Since we are the sum of our memories, I'm scared to death of losing mine (and for once on this site, I'm deadly serious!)

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I was always forgetful but more so a couple of years ago. I still have trouble remembering words (especially names of things) but I think it is due to one of my medicines. As far as forgetting where I was going, etc. I did that when I was in my teens. I started using a PDA, etc. because I was forgetting that kind of stuff and it helps.

For the big stuff, I read, watch science shows, and do logic puzzles to help keep my brain in shape. It helps.
I'm under a great deal of stress right now. Medical level stress - so I guess that's not helping.
My memory has always sucked... but it feels like I'm having more "bad days" memory wise. The PDA is super helpful. Also keeping on a schedule and spending time organizing (have a place for things).
I was never that organised and my memory was always spotty but recently it's beyond a joke. A PDA would help if I could remember to put stuff IN it! Ironic or what?
Exactly Marc, there needs to be a PDA that you can speak and it enters all pertinant data then it automatically finds it's way into your pocket when you get dressed in the morning, then signals you when you need to pull it out to read the data you need to know just before you need it.
I would call mine "A Wife" if I still had one I could rely on.
Marc, I've found the free Google Calendar very useful to set up appointments. You can set this up to email you a reminder 15 minutes to 3 hours in advance on your cell phone and via your regular email address, and if you read your email via Gmail, you can get a pop-up reminder via Gmail, too. I set up the address in the reminder so that the address will show up on my cell phone.

Because I read my email through Google, it's also easy to create an event on the Google Calendar from any email that I read (though Outlook is even easier).

I also use a smart phone so that I've got all my contact information and appointments with me on one device. Sometimes I'll enter an appointment directly on my smart phone and don't remember to put it on Google Calendar, but at least I have just two places to look. (If I had a spiffy new smart phone with fast access, I'd be using it to put the appointment directly onto Google Calendar.)
Also, just FYI, there are medications, such as antidepressants, that can have a dramatic impact on short term memory. The changes can be gradual and subtle, but profound!


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