In conclusion, Duarte and Cunha’s work ... suggests that diabetes affects memory by causing synaptic degeneration, astrogliosis and increased levels of A2AR. The study indicates as well that chronic consumption of caffeine can prevent the neurodegeneration and the memory impairment. And this not only in diabetes, since synaptic degeneration and astrogliosis are both part of a cascade of events common to several neurodegenerative diseases, suggesting that caffeine (or similar drugs) could help them too through the same mechanisms.

So does this means that we should drink eight cups of coffee a day to prevent memory loss in old age or diabetes? 

Not really as Rodrigo Cunha, the team leader explains: “Indeed, the dose of caffeine shown to be effective is just too excessive. All we can take from here is that a moderate consumption of caffeine should afford a moderate benefit, but still a benefit. [emphasis mine]

Caffeine Can Prevent Memory Loss in Diabetes

As a senior citizen with diabetes I drink plenty of green tea and a cup of yerba matte as well, daily.You may be able to drink coffee, which is even better.

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Well, 23andme says I'm a slow caffeine metabolizer, and I had ONE cup of coffee this morning (I don't normally drink coffee), and I was shaky and miserable for hours afterward. But I do drink black and green tea, and a little bit of cola. So I AM getting some caffeine, and we'll just have to see what happens! :-)

Caffeine also helps elderly muscles exert more force, though not as much as it helps younger muscles.

Caffeine Boosts Power for Elderly Muscles

A new study to be presented at the Society for Experimental Biology meeting on 30th June has shown that caffeine boosts power in older muscles, suggesting the stimulant could aid elderly people to maintain their strength, reducing the incidence of falls and injuries.




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