Wrinkles and grey hair mean nothing, but

... people who had three or four signs of aging --

  • fatty deposits around the eyelids: yellow deposits of cholesterol around the eyelids (called xanthelasmata)
  • receding hairlines at the temples, 
  • balding at the crown of the head, and
  • creased earlobes

-- were 39 percent more likely to develop heart disease and 57 percent more likely to have a heart attack over 35 years of follow-up, compared to people of similar age who looked younger.

Could an Aging Face Reflect an Unhealthy Heart?

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3 out of 4. I'm doomed!  :-D

My Dad had none of those signs but had thrombosis and angina, died aged 72. I remain sceptical. My cholesterol, blood pressure, resting pulse etc are fine, I eat a healthy diet and exercise almost every day so I think the odds are on my side. Stopped smoking this year too.




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