'Late starters' still have much to gain by exercising

Taking up exercise in your 60s will still help stave off major ill health and dementia, research suggests.

The study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine followed 3,500 healthy people at or around retirement age.

Those who took up exercise were three times more likely to remain healthy over the next eight years than their sedentary peers.

Exercise cut the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and depression.
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The take-home message really is to keep moving when you are elderly”

Dr Mark Hamer Lead researcher

People who took up exercise in their 60s were also less likely to struggle with day-to-day activities such as washing and dressing. [emphasis mine]

Bike, walk, garden,...

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I have an exercise program that is great! It's nothing really new, but most people give up on it before they reap the benefits. It is called Circuit Training. Be careful. Not all circuit training is the same. It depends on the type of exercises and the sequence of the exercises. Your gym can make it easy for you like mine does by providing exercise machines that don't indicate the amount of weight that you are lifting, by providing  alternating red and green timing lights and by placing the exercise machines in the proper sequence. When the light is green, you pump out the reps until the light turns red then you move to the next exercise machine. In our gym, we have about ten circuit training exercise machines.

As we get older, our bodies use less energy. It is called a low BMR. People who are chronically overweight often have the same problem. This type of circuit training attacks the problem by increasing muscle tone and mass which burns energy even when you are RELAXING. By following the timing of the lights, an areobic workout is created so that you burn fat as you would if you were on the treadmill. Obviously, like all areobic exerise, it is good for your heart and lungs. By the way, this is not the best way to lose weight fast. It is a fast way to become healthier.

I'm at the point where I only workout for thirty minutes every three days. The instructions at my gym are that I do my circuit training non stop for thirty minutes. This is about two complete circuit sets. I sit in the exercise machine chair and press the buttons. There are twelve buttons. To max out, you press all the buttons, otherwise you press buttons one to five, one to eight or whatever level of resistence that you can handle. Lower the resistance if you can't keep pumping while the light is green. The point is that you do this for thirty minutes. It doesn't matter if you are not very strong. It doesn't even matter if you feel lazy. Lower the resistance according to your mood. Just don't stop during the thirty minutes. It doesn't take much will power only time, thirty minutes.

When I first started, I could workout up to six to eight buttons, but I worked out everyday for about six months. As I got stronger, I raised the button count. Eventually, I was able to workout with all twelve buttons pressed. At that point, I realized that I was not getting stronger, so I stopped doing everyday and changed to every other day for about two weeks. At first, I noticed some strength gain and then it fell off again so now I workout every three days. Now, I increase the speed of the reps when the light is green if I want a harder workout otherwise I keep it at the same speed. The good news is that it, generally, takes older people longer to increase muscle strength in the larger muscle groups. For me, apparently, it is about three days.

I eat what I want without going overboard. Sometimes I will feel a need for a specific exercise. I accomplish those on the days that I don't do circuit training. Being elderly, even with knee issues, I feel strong and motivated. When I first got started, I lost about twenty-five pounds. I have not gained any of it back. The reason why this type of circuit training works so well is because it works out the larger muscles groups. The larger the muscles, the more energy it will burn. Working out the smaller muscles will not have the same effect.

Everything that I have written is true. I am not affliated with any exercise business and  have nothing whatsoever to gain by giving you this information except peace of mind.
Well, I just thought of an angle. Ladies, I will be happy to assist you on making your body more responsive to everyday life. Just send me a message to get started. Honestly though, anyone can do this without any help.




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