Exercise Slows Muscle Wasting from Age and Heart Failure

Exercise can counteract muscle breakdown, increase strength and reduce inflammation caused by aging and heart failure...

"Many physicians -- and insurance companies -- still believe that cardiac rehabilitation does not really help in old age. This study clearly falsifies this belief,"...

"Exercise switches off the muscle-wasting pathways and switches on pathways involved in muscle growth, counteracting muscle loss and exercise intolerance in heart failure patients," Gielen said.

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Yup! This is standard teaching at Health School in Denmark. The biggest problem for us carers is motivating seniors to get off of their fat arses and do something. Muscle growth has been measured in people up to the age of 80.

By physicians we're talking medical doctors here?

This (effect) is widely known in the UK and has been for years - is everyone in the US living under some kind of Bush [sic]? 




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