CDC: Flu season shaping up to be ‘worse than average’

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, talked about the current influenza season "... it’s shaping up to be a worse than average season and a bad season particularly for the elderly.”

... in seasons when H3N2 is the predominant strain, this season for example, seasonal influenza always takes the heaviest toll on seniors.

“Hospitalization rates increased sharply in people 65 last week and over and this week hospitalization rates for people 65 and older increased sharply again. Going up to a rate of 82 per 100,000, which is really quite a high rate.”

The CDC estimates that 90 percent of flu-related deaths are in people 65 and older.

If you haven't had your flu shot, get it now. Be sure to get the version especially for seniors.

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Seniors with flu - go to doctor immediately!

Half of confirmed flu cases are in people 65 and older, and about 90% of people who die from flu are elderly, officials said.

In response to a dramatic spike in hospitalizations of older people, the feds are urging sick people to seek treatment right away and are taking unusual steps to make more flu medicine available. [emphasis mine]

Flu bug hits U.S. seniors in half of all cases


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