Rejuvenating Hormone Found to Reverse Symptoms of Heart Failure

Injecting the hormone growth differentiation factor 11 into old mice reversed cardiac aging. Let's hope this develops into a viable therapy soon.

... a blood hormone known as growth differentiation factor 11 (GDF11) declines with age, and old mice injected with this hormone experience a reversal in signs of cardiac aging. The findings shed light on the underlying causes of age-related heart failure and may offer a much-needed strategy for treating this condition in humans.

... old mice treated with GDF11 injections experienced a reversal in signs of cardiac aging. Heart muscle cells became smaller, and the thickness of the heart muscle wall resembled that of young mice. "If some age-related diseases are due to loss of a circulating hormone, then it's possible that restoring levels of that hormone could be beneficial," Wagers says. "We're hoping that some day, age-related human heart failure might be treated this way."

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