Now that the election is over, the various holidays are gone, the inauguration is over, we are in the winter doldrums. For those of us in Northern climates, the days are short, the weather is chilly, and there's not much going on.

Even A|N is looking kind of slow now.

What do you do to spice up your winter doldrums?

I'm planning ahead for the Spring garden, planting a tree for Earth Day / Arbor Day in April, and managed to watch the entire 'The Tudors' miniseries on DVD. (Those Tudors sure knew how to use religion for their own purposes!)

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Ah, the doldrums. They keep the Jehovah’s Witnesses inside, so it’s not all bad.
Sorry to be such a slug, but this is Netflix season for me!
However you've inspired me to start on a weeding project and I need to look into replacing what was once a long hedge in my front yard. And I just remembered a junk-sorting project that I always embark upon when it gets too cold for the spiders to run around in the garage.
Here in the Sacramento area, there's another Netlfix season for me in the summer when we get the 100-plus degree days and can't do much outdoors. I know I should be reading instead ...
I've also noted the slowdown here, but I've seen it happen on other websites as well. They get hot for a while, then everyone realizes that they need to get a life!
We didn't even get our usual January Thaw this year. I took up crocheting a month or two ago. It's something I taught myself a few years ago but then dropped. I've really enjoyed making these little stuffed toys for the kids. When we can we try to get out with the little ones (my kids are only 5 & 3) to go sledding. Nothing beats the doldrums like actually enjoying the winter a bit. I can't even bring myself to think much about spring until I start to see some of this white stuff melting.




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