I think I'm going to have to ask for an Rx for a sleep aid. I used to have good luck with Benadryl and Tylenol, but that isn't working any more.
Does any one else deal with insomnia? What do you do?

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Sounds like it may be a sleep-wake cycle disorder. Before you try to treat it with simple drug therapy from a general practictioner, (if your insurance will cover it) maybe you could be tested at a sleep disorder clinic.
Don't really have trouble sleeping....If it becomes an issue I use various techniques. The easiest one is to exhaust my body (exercise). Of course, a good orgasm will generally put a man asleep easily, much to the dismay of women. Stretching exercises with meditative states such as Yoga, but be careful with dwelling on unrealistic belief doctrines. I learned a little self hypnosis when I was young but it isn't much different then meditation. The last one usually works better for the older crowd....eating, particularly anything with sugar. It that works too well, you might check yourself for high blood sugar levels because you may have diabetes.
Realty Activist has my full agreement, you mustn´t have any drug intoxication to fall asleep as a child. Simply hard manual working during the day should do the job, and if you could get a nice dose of good sex (shouldn´t be to difficult for a good looking girl like you´re) that would be a certain recipe for you having a good sleep. Besides, you should mind, that older ones do need much lesser sleep than the youngsters, so a four or five hours period should be enough (usually).
If that is not practicable for you, fall back to nice, lovely music or meditative sounds, or, if possible for you, let your body decide, whenever you really need to sleep, what, of course, will change your dayly routines...
I have trouble falling asleep without a fan. It feels refreshing and the sound of the fan whirling around kinda drowns out the silence.
Yes, and I've used amitriptyline for decades, first as an anti-depressant but later for sleep. Also, Avanza, (brand name in Oz, don't know about US) another anti-depressant, works but not for long and makes you want to eat sugar right out of the bag. Ambien (Stillnox in Oz). That works well but you have to have a full night's sleep. Haven't used it in years but I found it worked very well.
Illegal herbs (which should be legalized) or alcohol work.
For the anti-intoxicant crowd, masturbation/sex. :)
For the non-penis crowd, you're on your own. i have no suggestions, save the first.
MaryJ does not put me to sleep. Alcohol may knock me out but I don't wake up rested and doubt I get any REM sleep. Sex works somewhat but usually the girl I'm dating will want to wear me out half the night because we only get together on weekends. Valium makes me drowsy until noon the next day, even taking a very small amount. I can take about an quarter of an Ambien and that usually works, but I may not get more than 4-5 hours before waking up. Any more Ambien and I sleep like a rock and wake up with this weird mind body disconnect where my eyes open but I can't move my body for about a minute and it scares the hell out of me. What would I do if the house was on fire? Melatonin makes me have strange dreams. I wake in a sweat from dreaming I was a penguin being chased down the street by naked nuns and I've never been Catholic. Or some equally strange shiite out of my equally strange subconscious.

A small Xanax works best for me but Drs. don't prescribe that for sleep. It's an anti-spasmodic that is also used to treat panic attacks. I don't want that in my medical history. So I can't say what my best solution for occasional insomnia when I post my picture online.

I have a nasty combination of sleep apnea, so I have to use a breathing machine at night, and depression.  A sleep specialist told me that he thinks (no studies yet) many cases of depression are caused by undiagnosed sleep disorders.  I've been using Ambien for 14 years, and it works fine.  The Ambien allows me to fall asleep despite the damn mask, and the mask keeps me from waking up in the night.  A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of Ambien, so for one night I couldn't fall asleep for hours.  Took off the mask and went to sleep, but the next day I was wasted, dead on my feet all day.  I have noticed that I dream more without Ambien, or maybe I remember my dreams better.


In any case, when I get enough sleep, the daily battle with depression is a lot easier to win.




PS: Just joined this group.  College English prof, single, dogs and cats, photography, bicycling.  And I don't care what the TV ads say; I'm not getting better; I'm getting older.

I've had insomnia since shortly after high school.  And even in HS I used to drive my friends crazy when we'd be out into the morning hours then I'd be out of bed by 7 the next day and wanting to do something.


I didn't do anything about it until about 10 years ago.  It was so bad that I'd have trouble staying awake while driving.  And not just long drives, even short trips across town.  I'd go three or four nights with very little and highly interrupted sleep.  Then I'd drink a good bit one night and catch up a little.  I finally saw a psych doc and eventually got on ambein.  I've tried trazadone, lunesta and a few other meds I can't remember the name of.  I've tried various things like valerian root, melatonin and so on.  The only thing that consistently works is ambein.  I take the smallest dose I can function on.  The doc started me on something like a 20.  In the summer when I'm exercising regularly I get away with 5.  In winter I get up to 10.  I've been on it for 6+ years now.


Main thing, if insomnia is affecting your awake life, you need to find something.

I use Mianserin at night. 10 mg is usually enough. Citalopram in the mornings for OCD/depression. 1½ - 2 hours exercise a day. That seems to be an effective routine for me.



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