Over 65s at Increased Risk of Developing Dementia With Benzodiazepi...

A new study found that people over 65 taking Benzodiazepine were 50% more likely to develop dementia withing 15 years.

Patients over the age of 65 who begin taking benzodiazepine (a popular drug used to treat anxiety and insomnia) are at an approximately 50% increased risk of developing dementia within 15 years compared to never-users, a study published today on bmj.com suggests.

The authors say that although benzodiazepine remains useful for treating anxiety and insomnia, there is increasing evidence that its use may induce adverse outcomes in the elderly such as serious falls and fall-related fractures and this study may add dementia to the list.

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I have taken one form or another of Benzodiazepine for a few years or more, can't really remember when I started, I have even had a few nasty falls and other symptoms mentioned in the article; I am only 57.  I wonder what all of the long term effects that could be or have been studied and in what other age ranges. Hell, tonight my wife got upset with me because I forgot something she told me and we were still in the middle of the conversation when I forgot. As for facts and other smilar things I use the internet for my memory core because I have CRS on 50% or more of things I used to be able to recall immediately. 

So my choices now are can't remember or raging maniac because I get frustrated, not much of a choice if I have to choose. At least there has been only one bad CRS incident that could have turned out real bad if I had had a bad cold.

Thank you Ruth for your informative post, I have been reading them for a while now. It's nice to know that someone out there cares enough to help the rest of us by keeping us up to date on the latest health concerns.


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