First read through some of this:

Okay... that seemed reasonable, didn't it? So .... What Mission statement would be appropriate for our Arkansas Atheist organization? Is it our mission to support the advancement of atheism throughout the state of Arkansas? Do we stand firmly on the ideals of the US Constitution and its intended separation of church and state. Do we desire to lend support to individual atheists, to sponsor atheist businesses ... ?

What mission statement would you like to see us stand up for?

Just for fun: Here's the mission statement for a typical NOT FOR PROFIT organization the "Collage Church of Christ".


Mission Statement for College Church of Christ

Guided by the Spirit and God’s holy word in the Bible, to glorify God and engage the world for Jesus Christ by speaking truth in love, doing good works, loving one another, and equipping every member for service.”

[This is their entire mission, folks - what follows is just added on BS and has nothing to do with their official reason for being. It's this silliness that allows them to enjoy collecting tax free donations and other untaxed earned money as well as to enjoy purchasing all they need in tax free goods and services to do it by.]

Our Core Values

• We desire to be like the church that God desires.
• We pray to be the body of Christ with the Lord Jesus as our head.
• We accept the Bible as our final authority in spiritual and moral matters.
• We aim to evangelize our local community, our region, the United States and the world at large.
• We desire to worship God in spirit and in truth.
• We desire to be a spiritual family that both rejoices and weeps together.
• We seek to help widows and orphans, the sick and grieving, the poor and downtrodden, the lonely and the disenfranchised.
• We desire to equip and empower all members for ministry according to their God-given talents to the end that the church will attain “to the fullness of Christ.”
• We promote Christian education at all levels.
The following vision statements guide the direction of our various ministries.

[What a total joke, eh?]
And here's the mission statement for the American Heart Association. (Please note that their mission has changed in recent years. Apparently ones mission does not have to be etched in stone like they were commandments from God.)
Mission of the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency whose mission is:
"Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke."

[What ...? Did I miss it..? ... This is the entirety of their mission, ladies and gents ... and may I remind you that the American Heart Association is one of the largest and wealthiest organization in the world. No Shit!]

The mission statement was updated by the American Heart Association during its Annual Meeting in April 2007. The mission statement undergoes a formal review process every third year.

The association's impact goal is to reduce coronary heart disease, stroke and risk by 25 percent by 2010. Progress toward the goal will be measured according to these indicators:

* Reduce the death rate from coronary heart disease and stroke by 25 percent.
* Reduce the prevalence of smoking, high blood cholesterol and physical inactivity by 25 percent.
* Reduce the rate of uncontrolled high blood pressure by 25 percent.
* Eliminate the growth of obesity and diabetes.

So now that we've had our little laughs and epiphanies of clarity... What do we stand for?

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