My five year old son is beginning to ask questions about Jesus.  Our neighbors are asking me with some regularity, if he may attend VBS.  I'm not certain if it is because they just would have anyhow or because when questioned, I described myself as a Buddhist Atheist.  

 Because we are living in the Bible Belt, I am cautious about how I explain Jesus.  I have been speaking from both sides of the aisle; roughly:  

-Son,  "Is Jesus in the church behind us?"  

-Me, "The people who attend that church believe so.  But if you called his name he would not answer nor could you see or touch him.  I am sure he is not there." 

-More q & a along the where is he vein....then--  

-Son, "Jesus died and came back to life?"  

 -Me, "Christians, people who believe in Jesus, remember belief is not proof, say that he was tortured to death prior to and while being nailed to a cross,
died, was buried and rose again."  

 -Son, "Is that why you called Jesus a zombie?  Does he eat brains?"  

 -Me, "Forget I said that.  If you repeat that around here, people will be angry.  No, he is not a zombie.  He is dead.  No one dies and comes back to life, no one."
Fortunately for him, my dad was here visiting when he first started with the Jesus line of questioning.  Because my dad is thinking of taking him to where boys learn how to be the best Christians of all:  Catholic  Church.  

- I told my son he is free to choose whatever path in life he wants.  And that he is welcome to pursue learning about Jesus as he pleases.  I did further caution him that not all people are willing to accept this laissez faire religious doctrine.  

 Please, if anyone has any stories about when your child first popped the big J q, I would love to hear it.   

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