Child Lily

Red daylily, coaxed by revolution’s hot ray
Bursts wide open, luxuriant, luminous.
Hidden beauty, in my garden it must stay.
My heart leaps for this moment, numinous.
On this day, one life, one truth, this flower
No fear, no sin, no strife, only beauty.
Like my sleeping child’s budding power
Eyelids shining, perfect bow lips, t’is her duty
To fly from my grasp, strong and sure, beyond bravery,
Like Gibran’s arrow, toward longings I can’t know
Like Theme from Tallis, swelling, bittersweet reverie
She opens to life, the day, beyond my garden she’ll grow.
Look into the daylily; see the spectrum, patterns, infinity.
Look into the eyes of your child, the only eternity.

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Do you know Ralphy Vaughn William's "Theme From Tallis"? It is an obscure reference. I should enclose a footnote. Most people know Khalil Gibran. Thanks!
Like it. Reminds me of when my daughter was young.
The way you use the imagery to make a quiet statement is quite beautiful.

Thank you. I enjoyed this.
I really like your use of the daylily symbolism to represent the child. With one granddaughter on the cusp of teen age, I know the essential truth of this. Your allusions are also well chosen and your somewhat old fashioned diction is appropriate for the agelessness of the truth involved, your anchor. like your child's eyes, against the fleeting of time.
Thank you Chris. The old-fashioned quality comes from the assignment which was to create a poem in the Shakespearean sonnet form. I was taking a master's course in poetry and poetic forms and were charged with creating poetry as a way of studying the forms.


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