by Kylyssa Shay

Nestled snugly in honeyed heaven's north
there is a piece of paradise so sweet
that the essence of joy may blossom forth.
My tongue yearns for that lush kernel of heat
tender, slick flesh peeking eagerly out
from fragrant folds swollen with keen delights.
My worship is both lusty and devout
as the succulent clitoris invites-
at the cathedral of her thighs I pray
down on my knees, my face buried in bliss.
Fingers laced in my hair show me the way,
guiding my mouth to each delicious kiss.

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Wow, that's wonderful and sensous. Good job! Have you ever had your stuff published? I recently saw a GLBT Poetry Contest online. Also, there is a poem I'm going to have to find for you, that is similar to this. I just can't remember the title right now.
Thank you. Yes, some of my poetry has been published, mostly in erotic magazines including Bare Back Magazine and local newspapers. I've also won a handful of online contests.

However, poetry is not really about any of that for me - it's like a direct line to my emotions. I have great difficulty expressing my emotions verbally but I can even tackle the darkest and most intense of them in poetry. Most of my poetry is either a conscious or subconscious attempt to communicate with myself. Some of my poems, such as this one, are dedicated to certain people or certain passions of mine. Grind was written in a loving celebration and appreciation of my partner, which is why it is so sweet and playful.
Another piece of gold, nice work.
Wow! That is a well-crafted, wonderful poem. I love it.




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