And in the end

So many million years from now,

somewhere near a galaxy's edge,

an aging star expands,

turning worlds to atoms.

Vapour and dust become surf

on a red-hot solar wind,

surging through icy space

until they find gravity.

They are the atoms, friends

of everything that ever

lived, breathed and bred

on this lovely Earth.

Mine, yours, the remains

of all we were, knew

loved and touched

on an interstellar safari.

Some will become dust

on a comet roaming free

or in an eccentric orbit

through the millennia.

Some will become water,

the drops in a rainbow

above a blue-green world

that has its life to come.

All will be a part

of something, somewhere

until the Universe slows down

to its final, eternal rest.

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Carl Sagan's statement that we are all 'star-stuff', always were and always will be, sat well with me and this piece echoes it well. It's the most comfort we'll ever get in the face of the mortality of the community of cells that makes us individuals. When we die, we just change. Something of me will see you there on that interstellar safari.

Nit-picking dept - sp. millennia. Also, I'm not sure if 'eternal' and 'final' are compatible. The concepts of the universe beginning and ending and eternity are elusive ones, baffling to theists and non-theists alike. The so-called 'Big Bang' is only a model to explain the formation of that part of the universe that we know, as we know it.

Nice work. More please.

Hi David. Spelling changed. My understanding of the "Big Stretch" is that everything stops moving. Finis. No more change. Ever. That's why "eternal" together with "final". Of course the model/thesis could change at some point but I work with what I've got.

Thanks for the comments. Encouragement and positive criticism always welcome.

I like this very much. To continue always, inviolate as the atoms we are. To be more than mere human, to be. Always. Thank you.




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