My mother was one of 13 children in a very Irish Catholic family. My father, also from a very Catholic family. Despite years of abuse at the hands of crazy ass nuns and masochistic priests they chose to raise their children the same way. When I was 13 my parents jumped from the Catholic frying pan in to the Jehovah's Witness fire. What a mind fuck... no joke!

I had to go to 6:30 am mass. A bit troublesome in school I got my ass beat a couple of times by the nuns. I was sent up to the church to kneel in front of the altar to look up at the cross and say my Rosary. What did I think about when I prayed? At this point in my musings I realize house to myself,
I feel like writing. GOOD times! Notepad and pen in hand; This is my stream of consciousness, this is my brain on Religion.

Dead man on a stick!

A shroud of Turin clouds my vision. On my knees again. I was praying for my mission.

I've been looking up at you for so long I wonder what you got under there. (Are you truly hung up on that cross?) I've been fixing my gaze for so long. Did you just move?

Catholic schoolgirls, so promiscuous. Don't touch yourself! No,do! No don't! No,do! What is this world coming to?

My nightmares were not dreams, they were demon attacks. Feels strange to eat Lucky Charms after the fact. You can not partake of the table of demons and the table of God. I loved Vampires, Angels, and Demons does that make me spiritually odd?

My parents are zealot and zombie. I am a child of the living dead. So I take up this life in their stead. I dig in and rut and grind. I, eyes wide, increasingly aware of me and mine. Touching myself is divine.

Don't touch yourself! No,do! No don't! No do! What is this world coming to?

At the contribution plate I stood, skipping pennies like skipping stones. The jingling of change sounds like I give a shit. The chimes of my hypocrisy. Jingling of change now, a candle can be lit. Prayers for the living and supplication for bones. Payment for souls in search of a home.

My Mother gave me a frozen smile and cryptic release. "Don't forget the Devil can read you with ease!" Shivers,shivers down my back. Shivers, shivers -- she paints everything black. She is Eve with fig leaf firmly attached. Demon seed, that's me in fact.

I, eyes wide, fixed my gaze for so long. Did you just move? Dead man on a stick why'd they cover up your dick?

Don't touch yourself! No,do! No,don't! No,do! What is this world coming to?

Mom was a champion of the cross when she announced that our faith had been false. What did she say? No more Catholic school, Catholic Church or Catholic family? No more gazing at the cross? Their faith, once mine, made them the enemy? So does this mean my dead friend on a stick you will never set me free?

Don't touch yourself! No,do! No,don't! No,do! What is this world coming to?

Can you change your Gods like you change your socks? Why all the loin clothes to cover the cocks?

Don't touch yourself! No,do! No,don't! No,do! Jesus Christ are you cumming too?

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Interesting. the turmoil surrounding the 'Energy theory'. I find it amusing myself.
wow, that is excellent. you really capture a sense madness and sterile desperation.

i am impressed.

I find it humorous now. Back then...not so!
yes, i am sure there was no humour in it at the time. i am reminded of daniel dennet's ideas regarding humour as a type of cerebral reward after some cognitive labour. certainly there has been much for your brain to work through. nietzsche would observe that it seems to have only made you stronger.




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