I can feel the hurtling velocities
of Earth around the sun
crawling with atrocities
and on its axis spun.

I can hear a cataclysmic crashing,
a beating heart breaking,
love like razors slashing,
claws so sweetly raking.

I can feel the universe cooling down,
matter spreading apart.
Worlds slowly turn around
inside a broken heart.

I can see the last of light is dying
as a universe unwinds.
Silent stones are flying
and slowly darkness blinds

Absolute zero, more than killing cold
can't match the chill I feel.
The love that you withhold
was never even real.

The universe is dying, I'm thankful for that
because I can't love you forever.

Kylyssa Shay

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This packs a punch! Does it hurt that much just now?
Nice Kylyssa.
Beautiful and deadly! I feel your entropy.




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