It'll never see ink I'm sure. So tell me what you think.




From the symphonies shattered heart rises the melody,

The tired notes of the players drifting so melancholy,

Winthin this tune we must weave ouselves quite methodically,

the passion of the song makes lovers hearts incendiary.


The soft hues of resonance flows out as it is captured,

So that the dancers come together lifted in copious rapture,

It this dark room they are alone umoung many live structured,

Wishing for a place in the heart as thier minds rupture.


The dancers shy away from the nights lonely simplicity,

back and forth the drift the the marble floor in multiplicity,

Spinning gently together within the musics synchronicity,

Held together in hopeful silence of loves duplicity.


Smiling they drivel on in chorus about bland benevolence,

Leaving who they really are to a life without conscious,

Unkempt and sad thanks to sacrifices to thier own innocence,

More thespain now and being as a feind of malevolence.


With weak smiles and lowered eyes they have become a charlatan,

Passing thier former souls from behind a crimsion curtain,

Thier once founded glee and jubilation has now become uncertain,

And they cannot leave the party without being forever burdened.


In time this ensemble will grow weary of the droning Facade,

forever rapt in internment, inadequate, alone and afraid,

Suffering souls to pitiful impersonation and mock parade,

caught everlastingly, oblivious within loves endless masquerade.




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Yes, it has, mostly. Except every once in awhile, it still affects me, but more a wistful sadness than otherwise. Next time, I promise something more upbeat, But when I ran into this again, I felt I had to share it. Thanks, Steph. The best to you, also.

Well I like sad poems myself. (and songs) so it doesn't need to be upbeat.
Did you see my other comment Tony? I made 2 comments.

Yes, I did. And I thank you for reading it. I'm generally a very upbeat person. I have been known to break into song, and even dance spontaneously. What the hell, life is to short to worry about what others think. I'm trying to go through some of my stuff and organize it, as some of it is just snippets, one or two lines, with no context. And some is even melancholy. Will post more as I get more together. Thanks again. I do appreciate your kindness and friendship. Be well.

I love it Tony! It's deep and sad. Time does heal many wounds.
I think the last line is hopeful. You are awaiting time to heal your wounds.
It's wonderfully written and I'm so glad you told me about the poem.
Thanks for being my friend! Be well!

Like this one very much. It really touches a nerve. All the best to you, Tony.

Wonderful. Is all I can say.

Okay Steph. I promised you another, so here goes:


I traverse the fields of autumns twilight, forged in the crucible of creation.

As I watch, a new glory arises, life, bursting forth to drink their fill of wonder beyond reason.


I stand transfixed, my time spent, having fulfilled lifes imperatives against the

choreography of the stars.  I await.


Smiling, I turn, an adagio to the symphony before me. Stately, measured, I bow and lie down.

Still. Quiet. Dissapating into the elemental dance that is the cosmos.





Wow Tony! You could put your poems in my writers group as a discussion all by itself.

You are a wonderful poet. You are very good at it!

Nice Tony. As always.

Ok, something short and sweet.



Everyday I watch the rain.

Fall all over me.

But everyday.

Like a fool.

I forget an umbrella.


Good one, MP. Short, sweet, to the point and I can relate. Thanks for sharing. I like.



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