I've included a link to my latest poem on Associated Content. It is my entry for the "Very Short Valentine's Love Poem Contest" on Associated Content.

I've won a lot of poetry contests but I have very little hope that I could win this one. I've only ever made the "most commented" board on AC once and that was a long time ago.

But I'm proud of the poem anyway and every word is heartfelt. I just love the opportunity to express my feelings for my partner in such a public way.

So here it is - Love's Sweet Garden

PS - I'm aware that a comma is missing after the word 'blossoming' but I blame it on my cat, Fatbat, whose favorite pastime is keyboard dancing.

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that is beautiful and very moving.

thank you,
Hear hear! A real little gem.
Welcome back, Kylyssa. Nice poem. Short, concise, to the point, heartfelt, and clear. Well done.
Well done, Kylyssa.




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