In erotic publications (where I also publish erotic fiction and a sex advice column) the feedback I get can be overwhelming in some ways - some fans transfer the feelings the writing evokes in them to me. Don't get me wrong, I hope to awaken positive, happy sexual feelings in people because I think sex positivity is great. However, there is a lot of immaturity in the messages I get concerning my writing in erotic publications.

In general writing forums, even in poetry forums I tend to encounter people who are offended by sexual themes and get all holier-than-thou on me in comments or send me vicious private messages. I try to title my writing appropriately so they needn't look at anything they don't choose to, still, they seem to feel the need to object. I also encounter violent objections to some of my poetry written from places of personal darkness.

I'm so pleased by this group you've created - it allows me to share in a different environment than any other I've encountered. Here, there's a sense of liberal acceptance and an appreciation of art. I expect that any criticisms I receive here will have to do with style and execution rather than any forbidden subject matter.

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It doesn't surprise me that people send you hateful emails. Conservatives, xtians, religious people in general are very hate-filled people. Jebus forbid that anyone else be happy with who they are, or in celebrating sexuality.

I'm glad that you like the group, and thanks for your contributions.
I want to second what DG said. I am glad to have a forum to talk to like minded, nonjudgmental people. And thank you KS for your contributions thus far.




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