Because clearly, since we're not having sex, we must be doing something else. So, how are you utilizing your extra free time to push ahead of the (non-asexual) pack?

In my own case, I plan to learn guitar, become a famous soloist, get rich, buy an island, turn it into a superpower, and take over the world. And then ban sex. All reproduction will be through in-vitro fertilization, and you'll have to pass a stupidity test beforehand. You could basically say, then, that my asexuality is the single solution to all the world's problems. You're welcome.

And remember, sex leads to violence (but nudity is okay)!

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and you'll have to pass a stupidity test beforehand
Of course one have to live in such a wise world.
I think I need a 12 Step asexual program or something. I just got back home. Back to step 1 I go.
I'm uhh... kicking ass at school, and uhhh. Writing a satanic food blog? :D Ha, I'm so predictable.
Oh, and I'm raising procrastination to an art form.
*Sigh* It seems that all of you are neglecting to put your asexuality to your own advantage. You're all like... contented 'n' stuff. And you know, contentment is the death of... okay I forgot how the saying goes, but you get the point.

... Okay, so I'm not really taking over the world, either, but I'm getting really good at FFXIV and SC2!
And I'm getting REALLY good at procrastinating. :-P
We're overachievers! Woot!
I'm getting really good at awful puns! :)
Yeah? Let's see one!

I'd ask Joseph to illustrate his procrastination, but I don't think he'd get around to it.
That and I only draw stick figures.
My whole blog is a pun!

Also-- What is the fruitiest country?


See it's twice as funny because I enjoy making fun of British people. :D
I plan to become uber sexified and attract all the world's women just to turn them down in order. Then they'll all know my pain.




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