So, I'm apparently in some kind of odd middle ground where I have virtually no desire for sex while people think I'm highly sexual.

No, I don't know why, but apparently I exude this like the warm glow of a dead nuclear reactor.

This, however, gives me an odd bit of freedom.

My bestie is a lesbian and I recently visited her and we went to a gay bar. Apparently straight men get irked by the idea but to me it was an experience to be had. Probably because I don't care how people see me sexually.

This, however, gives me a bit of a handicap.

Apparently, while I was in that gay bar, I was hit on and in other places I have been hit on, but I have no idea that it's happening. It's something I don't understand and don't catch when it happens.

I dunno, still digesting this though.

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I've been to a gay bar around here, several times. They have a drag show, which is hilarious, and they have two nights a week with various straight-also events. Getting hit on by guys doesn't bother me. *shrug* I got over it during my early 20's.

What part of the whole situation with your lack of a sex drive confuses you so much?
I have kind of a similar problem... I love to joke and flirt, but I don't really have actual sexual desires behind it.




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