Alright, I desire to discuss this.
Because I'm REALLY REALLY ANNOYED, because someone is insisting upon telling me about how they lost their virginity an hour ago.  That's right; just had sex for the first time, and they can't find anything better to do than to tell me about it, and COMPLAIN no less.  I mean, to say something like "Stay a virgin, don't make my mistake, learn from it" (I paraphrased; it was barely readable to start), is something I would think someone would say a few months later after the charm of the "devirginer" has worn off -- not within the hour!
My theory is that this is some sort of social status thing.  And I want to discuss that.  Sex as a social status.  I mean, srsly, WTF?

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Mine didn't tear til I had a baby--eight years after becoming sexually active. I should also note that I had three babies and did not get so much as one stretch mark--so maybe I just have stretchy skin. Def a mirror would help and maybe looking at some pix on the Internet of intact hymens.
One of my friends said she wanted it to hurt, and then it was more meaningful or symbolic, but she's into BDSM too.

Heh, yeah, I've dated more than my share of masochists. It makes me wonder what's wrong with me, that I keep attracting them. It's not that there's anything wrong with masochists; they're fun to play around with. It's just one of those things that makes me wonder, when I start thinking too much.
It's funny how BDSM people can make you feel like there's something wrong with you for not being into it!
Well, I'm a bit of a dominant, and I don't really have a problem playing the compliment to whatever they enjoy. I just start questioning myself about why I have so many women coming to me for abuse.
Perhaps I should clarify. This person was a girl.
Ah, yeah, then her advice is kind of worthless, for you. When her only experience with sex was the traumatic first time (when yours won't be traumatic, unless you sleep with a dominatrix or something), she has nothing to say on the subject.
Alright, well, it's funny I happened to create this thread just last week, because yesterday some pretentious, indie-type film writer grilled me on my personal life and when I revealed to him that dating and, even less, having what he might consider "fun" (sex, drugs, etc etc.), are not even secondary priorities to me, he went on this pseudo-intellectual psybabble that seemed to be a mis-interpretation of Nietzsche (Apollonian and Dionysian) mixed with some postmodernist psychology, trying to convince me that my personal life is bankrupt and that I need to find "balance." He then proceeded to try to get me to "hook up" with some actor girl he knew from out of town (I was tempted, actually, to meet this girl, because she sounded like the adult version an old friend I went to elementary school with, which happened to be in the same city the girl was from) and make inappropriate comments with the presumption that I wanted to participate in "guy talk." Unfortunately, I'm exceedingly polite, so I "yesed" him for everything he said that was yes-able. I really wish I had been quicker to put him in his place (even though he seemed fairly confident that he could "argue me into a corner").
Anyway, I kind of got freaked out about the encounter, which occurred at Starbucks, to the point that I almost considered not going to Starbucks. Almost. But I've never felt like I'm watching my back like this before, and I don't really even have a reason to.
Your friends are weird. :P Just sayin.
It is stupid and immature for people to think that the only way to have fun is with sex, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Those types of people are who always ruin things for me and make my life miserable.
It is stupid and immature for people to think that the only way to have fun is with sex, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Those types of people are who always ruin things for me and make my life miserable.




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