Let's break down some barriers and make this the best summer camp it can be.

Introduce yourselves and tell us all your darkest, most intimate sexual secrets.
Also let us know what problems you might be having; in other words, what brings you here.
Maybe you joined this group looking to hook up, and now you're frustrated because we're all asexual apparently.
Maybe you have a lack of desire is caused by anxiety, repression, or rage against the man.
Maybe asexuality is your natural state of being, and you're having trouble getting people to accept this orientation, and finding fulfilling relationships without the pressure of sex.
Maybe you have a crooked vagina (males with this problem may want to PM me in private).
Maybe you're inexperienced and choose to abstain because you're afraid.
Maybe you find the human race to be unworthy of mating with you.
Maybe you have no idea what the hell you're doing here and you only joined because you find me so very adorable.

Explain any background that may have led to your feelings or actions, or whether it just "is that way".
Pose any questions you may have.

Tell us your favorite color and why (labia is not a color).

Tell us what sort of treat you brought to share for "Welcome Day".
Lastly, participate in our group hug. We're all friends here (if you want, we can make up our own platonic friendship song).

Our next activity will be one of self-discovery, so get your arts-and-crafting caps on!

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Well, Jezzy, I'm really impressed! Haha. I'm not entirely sure why I consider myself asexual (although I can give a thousand good reasons for it). I suppose if I had to choose from the reasons above, I would have to say only the last half applies to me. I'm most unequivocally inexperienced; I don't think there's any question about other humans being unworthy; and you're very, very adorable. :P Since there's seven, though, I'm not sure if I'm including or discluding the crooked vagina part. I haven't found one to date, but I will be sure to consult you and a physician (are you a physician?) immediately if I do. Or, perhaps "lost and found."

Anyway, I think the real reason is because my idea of how a relationship should be run is compatible with virtually everyone my age. And, being a philosopher, I think most possible mates would be rather quickly annoyed by the naturalistic, reductionistic, skeptical views I have of the supposed "magical" properties of love. Funny thing, I consider that appealing, but then again, my opinion is a bit biased in that regard.

Oh, and I'm an atheist and an antitheist, so that ruins a lot of possible relationships there.

After having to deal with these for years, I'm finally convinced that I will remain asexual officially until I'm wrest free by demonstrable agape instead of some fleeting eros. (I love Greek words, by the way.)

My favorite color is red. It was Communism that got me into philosophy originally. I'm not a communist anymore, but the lifestyle stuck a bit.

Self discovery... This is relevant to my interests. :P
My sister is a philosophy major. We used to go jogging in the mornings and my mind was the only thing hurting more than my body. Ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves. :P

I'm definitely not a physician... at least, legally speaking. Apparently there's some sort of "school" you need to go to or yadda yadda. But if any of you need a physical, I could poke around at a few things and see what happens.
Be my guest. Can't afford a real doctor. ;)
It just occurred that I didn't give up any of my darkest sexual secrets...
Actually, I'm fairly straightforward. I mean, I can think of a few things of interest, but they're not even really unusual or interesting.
Heh, yeah, one of my sexual fantasies is kind of weird and unusual but not really all that interesting.
I wouldn't even call mine that. More like, ordinary.
You BOTH have ocean-based fetishes?!
What do you mean, "you"? You're the one who posted the sea urchins thing.
I was merely making an educated guess on what the weird fetish might be... Yes.... . ...

Okay, well, in reality, the closest thing I might have to one is a glasses fetish. LOL




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