The 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing is coming up on the 20th. Does anyone have any plans to commemorate this event?

At the museum where I work, I'll give a talk on the moon in history and literature, the structure of the Earth/moon system and lunar exploration. We'll also have a planetarium show (that I wrote) and everyone attending gets a Moon Pie!

I also bought a piece of lunar meteorite so I can have some moon rock for people to see.

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Sounds like you've got some terrific resources. Good for you!
Our director was hoping that we could get an astronaut for this event. We've had Story Musgrave there in the past but with the short notice (and budget) we have for this, it wasn't likely.

She'd heard that there was an astronaut from Charlotte. I asked her if she meant Charlie Duke (Apollo 16). When she said that was the one, I told her that simply because he was born in Charlotte didn't mean that he still lived there.

There is another astronaut who actually lives in Charlotte but on July 20th, he's going to be anywhere from 90 miles to about 18,000 miles away depending on what time of day it is and the location of the ISS. (grin)
There's an Astronomy/Hawaiian History museum called `Imiloa a stone's throw from my house. I've not heard of any special events and I don't see anything listed on their Web site. Shame on them. I wonder if I can call them up and guilt them into doing something at the last minute? I'm glad you haven't forgotten, Jim.
Oh, I know about 'Imiloa... we're going to run "Two Small Pieces of Glass." If you follow Dome-L, I'm the guy who took the star fields out of the all-sky slides so they could be used in old fashioned slide based planetariums. I'd considered applying for one of their positions there but I'm too much of a mainlander (haole?) to survive out there for more than a vacation.

They should do at least a little something. Definitely give them a call, Richard.

Ad astra!

Incidentally, I'm about a stone's throw from the James H. Lynn Planetarium in Gastonia, NC which is where I work.
I wish I lived near somewhere people were commemorating the moon landing. I was about 9 or 10 at the time, and got to watch it on TV. And people say there's never anything good on TV!

I'll just experience it all vicariously via We Choose The Moon.
What museum do you work for? Do they have a website with an event schedule that describes what you're doing?
I have no plans for anything involved with celebrating the event, but for me it is also the 40th anniversary of my last perimeter guard duty in Viet Nam. It was on the perimeter line, listening to the radio, that I heard the moon landing.



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