Not a doomsday that any of us will experience, but: 

In about a million years, the orange dwarf star Gliese 710 is predicted to pass through the Oort Cloud, stirring up comets that may smash into the Earth and cause a mass extinction, just as a comet was probably what ended the dinosaurs.  

I wonder how likely Gliese's plowing of the Oort Cloud is, to have catastrophic consequences - like, how unusual is it for another star to come this close to the Sun?  How many times has such a close approach happened in the past? 

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When I have a question about astronomy I email Neil deGrasse Tyson and he always answers.

Thats nice Joan.  I don't know how he has the time, but he can probably tell who is serious and has intelligent questions, like you, and answers them first.


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