An incredible video, posted to YouTube on Oct. 19, shows the atmosphere of Mars exploding as the Comet Siding Spring passes within 87,000 miles of the Red Planet. Despite news reports indicating all NASA orbiters and ground rovers were unaffected by the debris trail of the comet,... The event was caught by Dr. Fritz Helmut Hemmerich, who recorded the action with a video telescope from his perch on Mount Teide, more than two miles above Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. The location gives Dr. Hemmerich an unusually clear view of space in general, but, apparently, of Mars in particular, as no major news agency, or even NASA itself, has reported this story, or broadcast images of this dramatic explosion in the Martian atmosphere.

Comet Siding Spring causes an explosion on Mars (Video)

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I have to say, Ruth, I smell a rat on this one.  NASA reports no such event associated with the comet fly-by, and the YouTube comments on the video frankly sound like this guy is playing to the woo-woo crowd.

Whatever it is, it's certainly not an "explosion" on or near Mars. Since the entire frame is affected, and all bright light sources in the image show identical flares, it must be an optical effect. That aside, there is simply no way for the comet to cause any noticeable effect on Mars. And even if something did cause significant disruption to the Martian atmosphere, the changes would not be nearly as rapid and dynamic as that. An "explosion" producing the effect seen in the video is physically impossible.


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