When I was younger, they said that the universe started with a "Big Bang", and that the universe would expand until gravity took over, and then it would collapse.  Now they say the universe is expanding faster as time goes by, which pretty much negates the idea that in the future it might collapse back into itself.

I've never heard of anyone suggesting the shape of the universe with this news of rapid expansion, and so I propose that the shape of the universe is like a donut.  A DYNAMIC DONUT.

Instead of a dynamic donut, think of it as a smoke ring. Most of you have seen how a smoke ring works. Now picture a smoke ring frozen in time, and cut it in half,  you would have something like the picture shown.  If the smoke ring is working, and If the earth is in the position shown, it would look like the universe is expanding, and the further up it goes, the faster the expansion until it reaches the outer limits.  And I've heard that there are galaxies colliding with each other.  Any galaxies in the lower half of the cross section would be coming back together, and of course, some would collide. 

Also, within the last few years, I read where someone said they found what appeared to be a "somewhat empty space in the universe",  l think it was a female astronomer).  Think it might be the "donut hole"?
The original idea was that the universe was a big "ball" expanding out in all directions.  If the universe is actually shaped like a donut, it was shot out of a cylinder, and so, instead of the "big bang", I call it "a shot in the dark".  Can't wait until someone turns on the lights.

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I think Hawking suggested something similar. He proposed a Taurus and the pope didn't argue so you may be on the right track!!!

Gerald, you're ahead of me on this.  I think Taurus is a bull, but what about the pope?  And how do they both fit in with my idea?  I'm glad to hear that Hawking and I have similar ideas.

I never could spell Donald.

You spelled "Donald" right this time.

Talking about spelling Donald ''donut'' is spelled doughnut in English.

You're right!!  I was in too much of a hurry.  Thanks.

Apparently the pope agreed with his ideas as long as he understood it was taboo to think back past the bang. Makes you wonder what he was scared of him finding.

The guy who pulled the trigger maybe?

Well lets hope IT had good trigger control. 




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