I was out walking Monday morning and caught this view of Venus, which here is a small speck below the Moon. I had to brace the camera against a post, there is still some blurring.

This was taken at about 5:57 am. A wide view is here.

Googling moon and venus brought up this article from the Baltimore Sun: "Sky show: Crescent moon, Venus and space station". Apparently in parts of the country, the ISS was clearly visible at 5:12 that morning.

Does anyone have recommendations for sites to keep track of sky events, such as flyovers, planetary conjunctions, and the like?

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For sure, Sky and Telescope's Web site has planetary information:


I did a bit of Googling just now and found this satellite tracking site:

Thanks. I see Sky & Telescope has an Observing Highlights page - "This Week's Sky" has the event I saw.

Not only flyovers, etc., but information on stellar events (sunspots, solar flares, etc). Email updates are concise and accurate as well.

Does that site have a specific section for flyovers? I can't seem to find those alerts.
For satellite flybys:

Simply type in your zip code and you will get a custom schedule for the skies above your location.

For in depth information about Near-Earth Asteroids, meteor showers, etc, the Near Earth Objects page at NASA is a great resource. They have a mailing list which is open to anyone:

There is a link on the spaceweather.com site but it is buried in the text.

If anyone else has any good resources I would love to hear about them.

Heavens Above is an excellent resource for this. Sign up, it will pinpoint your location and you will get exact times to observe satellites and astronomical objects. Might I suggest looking for Iridium Flares, they are definitely worth the hunt.
Cool thanks Steph!!
Thanks, I'm going to take some time to explore that site.
Thats a great photo Geoorge! Thanks for posting it!




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