My name is Racquel Benavidez and I am currently doing a research project on Italian culture and atheism in Italy. As a co-subject, I will also be researching the question of why Dante is more well-read than other works such as the bible. This is an entirely objective research project, with no opinion either way. I am merely interested in the lives of atheists in Italy and how they are affected by the catholic church and religion in general IN ITALY. Please only reply if you are in fact Italian and if you are an atheist willing to give positive and honest feedback, or if you have friends or family who fit this description.

Thank you!

ps If you prefer to send a private note, my email is: racquelbenavidez@gmail.com

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Hey, sorry for the delay, I've been away for a while. I'm an Italian atheist, I guess I could help you with your research project :)
Thank you so much I was worried this was an impossible project ;)
Ok, can I email you?
I feel so terrible for forgetting about this >_< life outside the internet has a way of...getting in the way of me being more active on this website. It's been a while since your last reply and I don't know if you still need help, but if you do let me know.
I am still gathering information...my email is racquelbenavidez@gmail.com.
Send me an email and we can keep in contact that way...




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