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thanks to Richard Ewald, Reason Rally, Washington DC 03-24-2012

Hey! Thanks for the attribution Joan!

Looking at this for the 3rd time and laughing for the 3rd time.  

My son walked by, saw it and said "jesus is in hell saving people from there?  that jesus dude better check his syntax"


Richard, you have no idea how wonderful your photos and commentary were to me, and I am sure, to many others. Now that you're home and not on the road, and have your laundry done, and had a good night's rest, I will leave future reporting to you. Gosh! That was an absolutely great rally and I am so proud of everyone. And to think there were no fuss-ups!

I think it was P.Z. who said the left wing needs to come together for the coming elections and get those Banksters out of office.  His "rage" was gorgeous, full-of-wonder!

Christina Rad stands out as a funny, intelligent, insightful young woman. How can atheists lose with such as she?

Watching Nate Phelps again and reading his history makes my heart ache for people such as he; his sincerity and sensitivity rang like a huge horn in the Alps. May his story go far and wide. 


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