I've created a petition to try and end the Military's Spiritual Fitness test and it's forced conversion to christianity.

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Click here if you don't believe me

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I can't believe it.  Did you make this up, Chris?  What the heck is "spiritual fitness"?  By "spiritual" I take it you mean non-tangible, of the spirit.  Other worldly, you might say.  So if I'm in this ober world, mas alla, great beyond, what's the sense of being fit, like I can do a hundred push-ups or run the NYC marathon?  I’m gonna fly the NYC marathon. 


Suppose I'm "unfit."  Here I am in the spirit world and I can't bench press a hundred pounds, say.  That's pretty bad because the freakin' barbells shouldn't weigh anything.  So it’s almost impossible to be “spiritual” and “unfit” at the same time.  Once you made it to the realm of angels and goblins, you’re as fit as can be.  You’re there (mas alla), so to speak, and you shouldn’t have to take a test.


My point:  if grass were legal, the recruits would be asking questions like the above and we wouldn’t be wasting our time with such idiotic constructions as “spiritual fitness.” 


Two things.  One:  are you angry at me or the concept of "Spiritual Fitness"?

Two: If you don't believe, either click on the link or visit the American Atheists home page at atheists.org

I was just trying to point out what a stupid, counterlogical concept "spiritual" fitness is.  What do they mean by "fit"—in the Darwinian sense?  In evolution, the fit survive (not necessarily the strongest) and live on to reproduce. 


So it looks like they're looking for individuals who can murder the enemy without guilt or remorse.  Perhaps "diabolically fit" would be more accurate? 


Interesting topic.  I'll check out the website. 



OK, I'm sorry if I seemed defensive.  Personally, I'm just trying to do something to help the fight for our rights.  This was just something I felt I could do.

This isn't Sunday School.  You're with like-minded people  :-)






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