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Tax Exempt Organizations

Started by Bertold Brautigan. Last reply by Joan Denoo Mar 9, 2016. 4 Replies

I think I'm suffering from separation anxiety. This is a recent Catholic Vote missive:I am proud to be a co-signatory to the following letter authored by George Weigel and Professor Robert George…Continue

Tags: exemption, tax, separation, Catholic

The Most Evil Organization on the Face of the Earth* Doubles Down on Unadulterated Sleaze

Started by Bertold Brautigan. Last reply by Loren Miller Feb 11, 2016. 1 Reply

According to Time:Catholic Church Tells Bishops They Are Not Obliged to Disclose…Continue

Tags: bishops, evil, abuse, Vatican

Rand Paul and Chris Christie Join the Anti-vaxer Crazy Train

Started by Bertold Brautigan. Last reply by Pat Feb 4, 2015. 5 Replies

It appears that anyone anticipating that the upcoming Republican primary is going to make the last one seem sane in contrast is not in for a disappointment. Mr. Pierce, as is his wont,…Continue

Hobby Lobby: 0, Client: Won

Started by James M. Martin Dec 30, 2014. 0 Replies

I hesitated to comment on this lest you think I am crowing about a courtroom victory I had as a criminal defense attorney involving Hobby Lobby as the complainant, but I finally gave in, so here it…Continue

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Comment by Bertold Brautigan on July 6, 2016 at 6:53pm

A reasonable question:

Why Is the Catholic Church Lobbying against Statute of Limitations ...
July 6, 2016 by Libby Anne

( Hint: Bill Donahue's doing what he does best - twisting the truth.)

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on March 7, 2016 at 9:18am

Greta Christina just wrote a nice essay in Raw Story:

Here are 4 ways Christianity sneaks into our secular government — a...
07 MAR 2016 AT 05:47 ET

Opponents of “under God” in the Pledge aren’t undermining tradition — they’re trying to restore it.

Comment by Loren Miller on February 13, 2016 at 1:52pm

Joan, what that statement tells me is that the priests want to behave as though they are not answerable to the communities they live in.  They think they're above us, better than us, yet they do crap like this.

It is so far past time they were held accountable, I wonder if the distance could be measured in light-years!   This has gone on long enough!

Comment by Joan Denoo on February 13, 2016 at 1:32pm

Oh my goodness! Here are two voices from the past that we will not read again, James Martin and sk8eycat!. Death may silence them even as their words live on. 

As to the statement

"saying instead that the decision to take such claims to the authorities should be left to victims and their families."

Imagine a little boy or girl telling Mommy and Daddy that the priest fondled and penetrated him or her, and then the devout parents thinking about their options. Whom do they trust, the child or the priest? 

The abusing priest commits a crime and has to be reported! 

To do otherwise is also a crime. Priests and popes, get off your asses and behave as a civilized human being. 

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on February 13, 2016 at 11:35am

And meager shreds they were.

Comment by Grinning Cat on February 13, 2016 at 2:56am

On the Roman Catholic Church telling bishops they are not obligated to report child sex abuse to civil authorities: they have just destroyed whatever shreds of "moral authority" they may have had remaining.

Comment by Loren Miller on February 11, 2016 at 6:36pm

Bertold, your article below deserves the full treatment.  Please submit it as a full post!

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on February 11, 2016 at 5:20pm

According to Time:

Catholic Church Tells Bishops They Are Not Obliged to Disclose Child Sex Abuse: Report

The Catholic Church is allegedly telling newly ordained bishops that they have no obligation to report child-sexual-abuse allegations to law-enforcement officials, saying instead that the decision to take such claims to the authorities should be left to victims and their families.
The policy was first reported by a veteran Vatican journalist at Catholic news website Crux, who cited a presentation given by French Monsignor Tony Anatrella.
Anatrella, a consultant to the Pontifical Council for the Family and the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers, also authored a training document for new bishops released by Church authorities last week, in which similar guidelines are laid out.
"According to the state of civil laws of each country where reporting is obligatory, it is not necessarily the duty of the bishop to report suspects to authorities, the police or state prosecutors in the moment when they are made aware of crimes or sinful deeds," his document states, according to a citation in the Guardian.

Comment by Bertold Brautigan on May 1, 2015 at 11:54pm

Satanists Seize On Hobby Lobby To Test The Limit Of Religious Freedom

The Satanic Temple, a faith community that ascribes to seven central tenets that track closely with humanism, is seeking a religious exemption from Missouri’s 72-hour abortion waiting period on the grounds that the law violates their sincerely held beliefs about bodily autonomy.

. . . Satanic Temple leaders set up a crowdfunding site to raise money to help Mary cover the expenses associated with her abortion procedure. And they’re also arguing that, based on their community’s religious tenets — which stipulate that “one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone” and “we should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs” — Mary should be able to get a faith-based exemption to the state’s 72-hour waiting period.

. . . 

As part of that campaign, the Satanic Temple makes the religious case against abortion restrictions that are based on junk science and medical misinformation — and fights for the right to use faith-based arguments to strengthen, rather than weaken, access to reproductive health care.

“While religio-conservative views seek to undermine abortion rights, they have also steadily worked to define ‘religious liberty’ to be understood in terms of reserving the the right to deny contraceptives and oppose rational family planning practices. In fact, religious liberty works the other way, too,” Lucien Greaves, the head of The Satanic Temple, said in a statement provided to the Friendly Atheist blog.

Comment by sk8eycat on February 2, 2015 at 4:03pm

How do we fix THIS?


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