One of our kind wrote a great lengthy book whose primary message was summed up in only three words: Religion poisons everything.  I thought I had encountered almost every manifestation of that axiom until I watched the Today Show this morning and caught excerpts of last night's Hannity Show on Fox. If anyone had doubt Sean is Fox News' most disgusting pundit, they'd see it vanish on exposure to the wacky Irish-American's interview with the man to be tried in Florida for the second degree murder of a young black man named Trayvon Martin.  Having despised and detested Mr. Hannity every since I first watched five minutes of Fox News some years back, it was difficult to fight down my nausea just to find out what Matt Lauer and company were regurgitating.  It goes without saying that NBC rarely reprises anything from Mr. Murdoch's news network.

My lower draw dropped to my chest and I almost fell out of my recliner when George Zimmerman referred to his outright murder of Trayvon as "all a part of God's plan."  OK, so some wags would respond by saying Zimmerman did us all a favor by comparing his acts to the Divine Will.  By Zimmerman's logic, Hitler was acting by Divine Will when he slaughtered six or seven million Jews, just as Ahmadinejad was acting with Divine Will when he denied that the Holocaust even occurred at all.  Pol Pot murdered untold hundred thousands in Cambodia when he took a simple, agricultural native population there and tortured them into debasement as tools of a Communist regime.  The illustrations are legion, but you get the idea.

But wait, it gets worse.  Zimmerman, looking right into the camera, "apologized" to the Martin family, saying "I pray for them daily."  Prayer is an insult to survivors of those on whom you've preyed.  As if Zimmerman's prayers are going to assuage the sorrow of that young man's bereaved -- and properly incensed -- family.  But the interview proved yet another problem with dialogue based on religious dogma: it turns the devout into hypocrites. The only possible answer to the question, in this instance, W.W.J.D., is forgiveness, and the Martins are hardly ready to do that.  Zimmerman even debased religion to a greater degree when he told Spammity he was willing to meet with the family.  The Martins declined, claiming the offer was a cynical farce.

In my practice, I find it routine for criminals, once incarcerated, to "find God" in jails and prisons. Zimmerman probably was a poor Christian before the crime, and he's going to go on being a poor Christian. It was just another in an endless, steady stream of those who hide behind faith to make one seem less guilty or more worthy of pardon: the crutch all Christians use to prop up their excuses for the vile things that they do.  Because I do not worship his "God," I am free to say that once this jerk is imprisoned, someone, perhaps a black supremacist gang in the joint, will arrange to acquaint Saint George with that marvelous tool of Divine Retribution: the shiv. 

Then, shall Divine Justice be done.

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You think the grand jury will now indict god as a co-conspirator? At a minimum, it should at least be for negligent homicide. I mean, if the old scudder had been paying attention, the Martins might still have their son. But, I guess he was too busy being diverted by such intercessory prayers as, "Dear god, don't let him come home drunk again and beat me and the kids," or "Dear god, let my husband get the promotion so I can laud it over that bitch at the country club," or "Sweet Jesus, let the team score!" But I guess he was too busy making sure a violent asshole made it home after driving drunk, a self centered bitch in a gated community got her wish, or a frustrated sports gambler finally hit it.

Because, as we know, it's "all a part of God's plan."

Now, I am reminded of the Bob Dylan song, I think it's "The Masters of War," where he reflects on Lincoln's famous speech about both sides of a war feeling that victory is certain "with God on our side."

And the second they mention "god's plan," any chance for credibility they might have gotten from me goes OUT THE WINDOW.

Problem is that you got 12 jurors who, based just on blind statistics, are all very liable to be god-botherers who will actually integrate that into their deliberations.

God, what a gullible breed.
Agent Kay, of MiB

We actually had a case in Texas where a jury foreperson read a passage from the N.T. about punishing those who take lives, resulting in a murder conviction.  Our conservative Court of Criminal Appeals said that was all right.  God poisons everything.

"Faith-Based Fraud - Jerry Falwell's foul rantings prove you can get away with anything if you have "Reverend" in front of your name.


Can I get an Amen? LOL I was in the grocery store and the cashier was talking about Lizard Lick Towing... (lowest common denominator television but I digress...) and she announces to the person she's having the very loud and boisterous discussion with, "Did you know that guy is a reverend?" I had to bite my damn tongue nearly in half to keep from saying, "Well it's not exactly a stretch that a carny hack has a t.v. show now is it?" but then I figured it would take me 30 minutes or more to explain the concept to her...

Tammy, YES! AMEN! or whatever word that is currently in vogue to replace amen. 

How about: "Hear, hear!" or "Seconded!"

That seems right!

Little known fact: God hates all consumers of Twizzlers

Jeez! I had to look up that term; my goodness! This old lady asks with red cheeks. How do you define it?  

LOL... They said the kid had just bought a pack of Twizzlers candy when the Reverend shot him.




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