The Los Angeles Times editorial was today’s good news; now here’s the bad, although you might construe it as getting better. According to Saturday’s New York Times, seven U.S. states still have laws on the books prohibiting atheists from holding public office. The Friendly Atheist has listed them all, along with the relevant statues

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As has been pointed out before, all of those laws are dead letters, made so by Article VI of the US Constitution, wherein:

  • Paragraph 2 declares the constitution to be the supreme law of the land and
  • Paragraph 3 states that no religious test will be required for any office or public trust

Any state attempting to enforce their codicils about atheists not being allowed to take public office will find themselves on the wrong side not just of the above, but of previous court cases where the above was confirmed.

Still, if they want to be stupid, they can be stupid at their own expense.

Just another reason why the federal gubmint needs to be drowned in the bathtub. </sarcasm>

Thanks for the "sarcasm" note. I take words literally and then have a red face when shown my error. 

Instead of drowning the government in the bathtub, could we drown Grover Norquist?  PLEASE?!?

Yes, please - I'll have a BIG slice of that. I've thought for over 20 years that uttering the phrase "no new taxes" should automatically disqualify anyone from public office. What a crock! The scary thing is it worked, and it still works.

I don't mind teaching theories. Why should any public school teacher be instructed to teach religious beliefs as facts? I would sue any teacher and school district that taught myths and superstitions as fact. 




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