Does it puzzle you as much as I that some state legislatures (I think Oklahoma is one, and would be surprised if it is not) are passing laws to ban the imposition of Shariah law in their states?  This smacks me as the same sort of provincialism the Civil War was fought to end.  And why bother with Shariah law when it would require Constitutional challenge and found violative of the First Amendment and its glorious extension into the 14th?  I think even the arch Catholics on the Supreme Court would step in and say that if it is improper to imposed a faith-based set of laws on the population of state made up of people from all faiths, then Oklahoman Shariah would be repugnant to the Founding Fathers.  I suspect even they would agree that their Jewish brethren might be offended by such codification and yet the United States is run to a greater or lesser extent on the desert warlord codes and those of that raving, murderous Zealot, Saul-Paul of Tarsus, who only saw the light on the road to Damascus because he knew he could make more money hustling a faith.


So it has me wondering if there was not a religious purpose behind the state legislators' efforts to proclaim themselves non-Muslim.  Fear has driven some Americans to a kind of xenophobic hysteria, and the smear of Obama is but a religious right campaign, a virus that has been contracted by Renery, Fox, and their ilk, all fervent worshippers of Jebus Crust.  And what would be different about a state run along Shariah lines that we do not already see advocated by the religious right?  Is abortion legal in Iran or in Damascus?  Do the congregations of many fundamentalist Crustian sects in the U.S. not drum out and exile fornicators and fagots (yes, I know, two "g's," but that Barney's Beanerie sign is forever burned into my memories of L.A. in the 60s).  We would be put in stocks on Sundays for missing services once theocracy is established in America.  Abortiion will be punishable by death.  To save money on ammunition, stones will be thrown. 


We seem a step closer every day.

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