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Because I am not an ex-religious in my family home is never talked about God, my father was an atheist and my mother did not care, I see the spread of atheism in the world not necessarily as a movement opposed to religious dogma, but as a movement for human progress. (They hate to hear this)
In his book The Dragons of Eden, Carl Sagan says, "The expulsion from Edenseems to be a metaphor for some of the key biological events in recent human evolution." It adds that the American anatomist C. Judson Herrick described the development of the neocortex in the following terms: "Its explosive growth in the late stage of phylogeny is one of the most remarkable evolutionary transformation in comparative anatomy." This is the amazing growth of the neocortex that has made us who we are.
I understand that religion is closely related to the emergence of Man and of the genus Homo. Before any theory on the progressive development of the idea of the gods, this issue must be clarified since it seems to me, abstract thinkingdepends entirely on the development of the neocortex. I would like to knowabout opinions.

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