Bill Donahue Reason Rally editorial on the Opposing Views news/opinion site [CLOSED]

Atheist View is really hateful

Bill Donahue, …lying sack o' shit asshat (wait, was that hateful?), comment the fuck out of this one. He obviously wasn't there...

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Saturday’s “Reason Rally” in Washington, D.C. attended by atheists:

"It is impossible for atheists to have a rally without bashing people of faith. They especially loathe Christians, and no group gets them jacked up more than Roman Catholics. Saturday’s rally was no exception.

Although atheists claim that people of faith brainwash kids, it is they who are the masters. “Hey Kids,” one of the signs read, “It’s Okay—GOD is PRETEND.” Being vulgar comes natural to them: “Religion is Like a Penis,” one sign read, “It’s OK to have one…But it is NOT OK to whip it out in public, shove it in my face, or tell me what to do because you have one….” Then there was the gal who held a sign demanding that adherents of the three monotheistic religions “Get Out of My Panties.”…"

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Bunch of pretty typical BS from ol' Bill ... but one thing: did he at any point in his diatribe find a single argument against what those at the Rally were saying?  He complains a whole lot ... but hasn't a single counter to offer.

Wonder why....

My comment's in...

BTW, once registered and logged into that site, there's a veritable dance floor of stomp, …just waiting.

Christians think atheists shouldn't have a sense of humor for some reason, but it's okay for them. My boyfriend and I were in our DC hotel room on Sunday morning and he paused for a moment on a sermon. The pastor opened his sermon with a joke:

He said:

God created Adam and Eve, and Adam asked, "God, why did you make her hair so soft?"
God replied, "So you would love her."
Adam replied, "Why did you make her so shapely?"
God replied, "So you would love her."
Adam replied, "Why did you make her so stupid?"
God replied, "So she would love you."

I think my boyfriend was more offended than I was. I really don't care if the idiot thinks I'm stupid.

- But why can they have a sense of humor and we can't?

Eg. "So many Christians, so few lions.” --That's not only funny, but is also TRUE!

I wonder how a man can tell this joke and think he is funny? Well, there is no accounting for funny bones. It says more about him than about Adam and Eve. 

No, the atheist view is not hateful. Why on earth would anyone say such a thing! After all, it is the atheist that looks for evidence to back up claims, it is the atheist that admits errors when they occur, it is the atheist that catches the falling bodies thrown out of other groups for not being righteous enough, or obedient enough, or submissive enough. 

Atheists don't have a god to rescue them from human folly;

Atheists don't have a god to whine to when things go wrong;

Atheists don't have a god to plead to for help, especially at games or other sporting events;

Atheists don't have a god to solve problems, particlarly when problems are made by human thought and action;  

Atheists don't have a god that punishes or rewards, whatever an atheists does or does not do or does badly or does well is individual centered of the individual. 

Atheists don't teach their children to believe in unseeable, unknowable, unloving beings;

Atheists don't teach their children to hate themselves or others;

Atheists don't have guide book based on Bronze Age, primitive tribal imperatives.

Atheists teach their children to observe, ask questions, experiment, explore, pay attention to patterns and consequences, to learn from mistakes and grow with each experience;

Atheist look at reality. 

Oh boy... you may have already seen this one: Washington Post article.

"These people are lost; without God and, thus, without hope."

This reminds me of most christians I know who ask me from where I get my purpose, if not from god?

It doesn't surprise or offend me as much as it just makes me feel sad for them. All their hopes and their own sense of personal purpose is derived from an imaginary external source. It blows my mind.

Also, they always seem to be under the delusion that we're all miserable. I may be the happiest person I know! I think my friends would describe me as quite enthusiastic about life. There is SO much to learn! My only regret is that I'm halfway done already and I have at least 1000 years of things I'd like to do! Life is great! :o)

PS: The photo caption on the Washington Post article reads, "Atheists and those who oppose religion in government gathered for a rally where they celebrated not having religious affiliations."

- "Those who oppose religion in government."???

--Seems I remember reading something about that in... I don't know... the Constitution?

At least there is a proper smack-down of Cal Thomas (the author of that benighted piece) by a healthy contingent of atheists and supporters.  One can hope that Mr. Thomas actually bothers to READ his feedback ... so that maybe he might just get the idea that atheism is an idea whose time has not only come, but is here to stay for a considerable while.

You're quite right, Loren... poor Cal got hammered for his ridiculous article. I think we should take it as a compliment; he must be feeling that we're threatening the existence of his invisible friend. (I remember having resentment toward my older sister for revealing the real Santa to me one fateful December 24th... Damnit! Maybe I'm still a little angry 35 years later because it seemed he stopped coming at the same time I stopped believing!)

Richard, the gall of this guy, speaking of atheists as if their main purpose of the rally was to pay attention to a bunch on non-critical thinkers, wishful thinkers, pretending thinkers, and dominionists. 

It was a REASON RALLY with no interest in their comments, and setting themselves up for ridicule. Why would one spend any time ridiculing something that didn't need to be ridiculed. 

but instituting an official doctrine that all atheists and all the people of all other religions are going to burn in hell for eternity, that isn't hateful isn't it?


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