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Isn't it ironic that a graduation is held in an institution that teaches Bronze Age beliefs, based on faith, that believes the earth is 6,000 years old (or whatever), teaches children and adults to obey, tells them "let go, let god", that submission to authority is a supreme value, that morality and ethics can only exist through acceptance of a man as savior and god, who eat and drink transubstantiated blood and body of a person turned god, that there is life after death, and their calling in life is to proselytize for others to join them?

What is wrong with this picture? 

When I opened up the article, my response upon reading where the church was located was, "Why am I not surprised?"

I used to live near Atlanta. I'm very proud of this graduating senior. Good on her for standing up to administration and religious bullies. You know, I remember when my brother graduated high school in Texas, in the late 80s. One of the songs his school choir sang was an Irish hymn. Mind you, it's a lovely song, one I still think is pretty to hear--but does it really belong at a school graduation? It came to mind, before, with Jessica Alquist's challenge to the prayer banner hanging at her school. There may be some people who are so entrenched in religion that they don't even think about these things. As with my brother's graduation, at the time, I totally hadn't thought about the separation of church and state. By the time I was in high school choir, christian christmas songs had been dropped from school pageants. That was really the first time I had thought about church and state separation in education. Go figure, being raised in the South...

I'm lucky that I graduated in a theatre and not in the Wigwam (the Roman Catholic cathedral in Liverpool, UK), although at that point in my life I wasn't so anti-theist as I am now.

It's exactly this complacency which gives religion the means to carry on effecting our lives. Good on that young lady!

Well, so far I've seen one of my comments deleted as well as one from American Atheists' Blair Scott.

Anybody else have their comments deleted?

Yes, and when I discover such censorship I make sure I get a lick in with stronger language and harsher judgment in another posting

I know! I know! One is not to judge, just as one is to forgive. Both are bull dung taught by people who don't know how to put one critical thought after another. Anti-theist? OH YES! And getting more so every day. 




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