Tallahassee Methodist Minister steps down -she's become an atheist! [CLOSED]


Teresa MacBain resigned from her position as pastor last Friday. She had been Lake Jackson's pastor for three years. But, Monday of last week she spoke from a different pulpit. She was a surprise guest speaker at the American Atheist Conference. 

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Daniel Dennett did a study which found that quite a few Ministers/Pastors/Reverends were actually atheists and for certain reason chose to remain in their positions.

See: The Clergy Project, this one's Dan Barker's baby...

Pithy quote from one of the comments to the linked article:

" I may not have scientific proof, but I don't need it. The more I believe, the more real He becomes. "

There are many reasons for convincing oneself of the truth of some supposition.  But circular reasoning (I believe because believing justifies my belief) must surely be at the bottom of the list!

Someone needs to do a demotivational poster on that... use a power strip plugged into itself...

Pithy quote from one of the comments to the linked article:

inane ^

My comments are under "Richard".

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Let's not forget what this thread is for, please.

Please note, these comments are moderated prior to posting.

3 Hours

I made three comments under the name "Richard", none have shown up yet. None of the comments were uncivil, just supportive of the minister in question.

I commented under the name Sarah. I thanked the news for covering the story and asked them to follow up. Let's hear more inspiring stories about atheists!

Can't find yours, or mine …yet.

We'll check back tomorrow and see.

I tried the optional "email" field to see if it makes a difference.

Yeah, for all we know some computer is down somewhere and no one can wake the sys admin up to fix it. ;)

Other replies have posted since I replied. Some far more direct than mine.


One of the comments is blatantly racist as well, one can only wonder what their moderation policy is.


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